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  1. 2 power attacks with sledgehammer to body, and normal zombie dead.
  2. Or we can just forget about awful gun parts system.
  3. Does anyone else finds million bird nests everywhere? I looted a house and found 12 nests around it. It's a bit too much.
  4. Does anyone know how to enable zombies health bar?
  5. There are different setting of difficulty, so I don't see any problem with new player. Just lower the difficulty and play. When you know how to play game better, just increase difficulty. When I first started playing 7d2d, I played on the default difficulty, but it was easy, so I changed it to survivalist. After that, I played all the alpha only on this difficulty. With all this changes, playing on survivalist or other difficulties, you will finally feel that you are surviving in A17.
  6. And what point of this? You can't pick up vehicle when it has something in its inventory, so you are just wasting inventory slots.
  7. Players and zombies have experience in Parkour. A17 - Dying Light edition... confirmed.
  8. or just leave stun resistance on 100% as it is. If you don't like it, just mod it or don't buy this perk.
  9. No inv slots for Gyropcopter. I see no way how you put something on it. Just looking on it you just pray that gyrocopter doesn't fall apart in the middle of flying.
  10. Why not. Like few slots at the back, better than nothing. It will be much more difficult to craft a jeep and gyrocopter than other vehicles. - - - Updated - - - No sense at all. It's just Trolland
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