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  1. Yeah, she just need to be renamed to stripper to correspond to her looks.
  2. I totally agree. That looks nothing like any burning zombie I have ever seen.
  3. You are probably seeing wandering hordes and not recognizing them. Here's a few examples of things that are wandering hordes: Dog horde, sometimes with zombie bears; Wolf horde; Vultures flying in the forest; Zombies bashing stuff. The last one is a pretty good indicator. Biome zombies rarely bash stuff because they are not trying to get to some place. Unless they see you, of course. If there are zombies bashing something then it is most likely a wandering horde going from point A to point B, bashing whatever is in their way. On the first few days
  4. They are still there. Or do you mean a20? I didn't see any indication they were going to be removed.
  5. Personally, I think it is are the most OP build there is. Bicycle or minibike on day 2, motorcycle by day 7, steel by day 14, fastest book completion, experience from electrical traps, cheaper crafting costs, faster crafting, no searching for working stations or stations schematics, plenty of ammo and molotovs through quest completion, and higher tier guns at higher quality faster than anyone else. Since putting points into weapon perks is fun but totally unnecessary, I usually don't spend any points outside Int before I have everything maxed for Int 7 (except Physician, the stun baton perk an
  6. If the zombie is running upstairs again, it's not dead.
  7. It is definitely not a liability on hordes. What best than throw the zombies on the ground again so it has to go up the stairs, through the blade traps, the dart traps, the electric fences and the robotic sledge again to get to you before you throw it down again? And if that's not how your horde base works then don't blame the weapon but the horde base.
  8. Will the screamer and the wight be updated or removed?
  9. I mean, I like the walkways, crossing signs and street lights but what's the use? There's a bunch of zombies jaywalking!
  10. I updated my post with 19.5 data. Also made it true DPS instead of damage per minute, sorted it, and replaced internal names with english localization where available.
  11. They are in the configuration files, but not available in-game. For example, the plasma baton: <item name="meleeWpnBatonT3PlasmaBaton"> <property name="CreativeMode" value="Test"/>
  12. On a side side note, thinking about unbalanced weapons reminded me of one very weird factoid I came upon. Shotgun shells have penetration count 2. Enforcer (magnum) completion gives both normal and HP magnum bullets penetration count 2. Pistol Pete completion makes 9mm ignore armor at point blank range. But 7.62mm normal ammo has no advantage against armor and no penetration, with even 7.62mm AP needing Penetrator 3 to get to penetration count 2. So 7d2d is basically going for the reverse of real life when it comes to ammunition properties...
  13. My complaint is that there's only one tier of melee weapon in the Int tree, and it's the middle one so it doesn't benefit you in neither early game nor late game (and, honestly, I usually skip mid-tier weapons and tools since they can't compete against lower tiers of higher quality or high tiers). It also has a limited set of mods available, but so do other melee weapons. As far as DPS goes, it isn't the worst and it's one of the only two melee weapons with AoE and when you combine it with the Repulsor Mod it has unmatched area control. I do wish it was slightly faster, though, to be more effe
  14. Make a pit, surround it with robotic turrets, throw zombies into the pit with stun baton (+ repulsor mod + nerd tats), profit. Use more than two turrets so that new turrets take over as turrets run out of ammo. Either AP or shotgun ammo. That's one way of using turrets and not using guns, but the point of this thread (which is entirely off-topic and will be moved away sooner or later) is analyzing the effectiveness of the weapons of Intellect tree by themselves, vs the effectiveness of weapons of other attributes.
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