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    7 days to die, anyone know the stripper phone number ;)

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  1. funny i always put lucky looter and behold i start finding stuff yes including beaker lol.
  2. sir you said one time and if that is for all your gameplay then you have bad luck or not putting points in lucky looter just saying.
  3. just cus you went to a medical poi does not guarantee you will find a beaker the first few day, if you cant find a beaker i recommend you increas the loot in the setting and make the game easier hell might as well spawn the item lol.
  4. all im seen here is some want to make the game easier , aka you get bored really fast maybe if you put point where they belong you would find what you need oh and also different biome too
  5. find clay patch and hope its lead under
  6. lmao some one is mad xD chill out dude you can change the setting of the game plus they did say every patch recommend to start fresh let me guess you havent played 7dtd before right ?
  7. you prob would but will be full of bug fun pimp have always said on every experimental to stable to start fresh.
  8. we have a glitch in the matrix we must fix
  9. alright guys lets release the alpha 20 hummmm i think putting some bacon to this bagel would make it even better
  10. it promote the game as well why disadvantage ?
  11. point made hehe just want to play some alpha 20
  12. base work i also did it where the main base would not be on the ground
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