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    7 days to die, anyone know the stripper phone number ;)
  1. lol funny guy guess what I did that in alpha 16 dide horde and went outside on foot killing the rest and what's your point ? that you can't do that anymore and you have to fight ? last time I heard the title of the game is 7 days to die not 7 day to survive .
  2. by riding a 4 by 4 running around geee i most admire that bravery.
  3. i used a poi i converted part of it for my first horde night double wall cobble stone no spike and i survived no problem what so ever .
  4. May I recommend you lower down game difficulty put all zombies to walk at all time and might as well play in god mode just so you can be safe.
  5. base work i also did it where the main base would not be on the ground
  6. well they did said this update was more of a graphic upgrade plus it did change some game mechanic im enjoying it so far.
  7. Steam name:NBornkilla https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198105065130/ Hours played: 2,872 hours Started on Alpha: Alpha 16 Discord name:NBornkilla#7791 Native language:Spanish, but speak and write English
  8. and you had to share your character pooping.
  9. im digging the encumbrance penalty for the game more challenge more fun good job guys.
  10. if you read this thread you could see the developer talking about stuff madmole give screenshot here and there on twitter.
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