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    Server Tools

    Hello is there a list of the /commands somewhere ? I may be over looking it example how to teleport to a friends.
  2. will try , will Compo pack 44 work with A19 stable ? I do not see a link for it
  3. Has anyone else had this issue ? its happen several times we even generated a new map and had everyone verify their files
  4. hey guys anyone know what might be causing this ? Server locks up then wont get past this ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added. Key: 0 2020-08-23T04:23:42 41.594 INF AstarManager Init NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object 2020-08-23T04:23:43 42.626 INF Weather Packages Created FROM BIOMES 2020-08-23T04:23:43 42.627 INF createWorld() done NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  5. Hey Guys !! I know you are working your butts off to get this out , our server is eagerly waiting as I am sure many other communities are is there an ETA yet ? We wont switch to A19 stable until you guys are good to go .
  6. You guys are all grinding so hard to get this thing done with a quickness , with A19 stable just around the corner do you think CP45 will be ready for it ? From what I understand they had wanted to push 178 to stable but there was an issue with the arrows that they now need to fix so it seems A19 is closer than we think , just trying to plan our wipe. You guys got me all hyped with all the tidying up that is going on, it is going to be amazing !!! As if it inst always😍 . Thanks again for everyone's hard work!!! You guys Rock
  7. Hello i was trying to load compo pack on to a server box with root access and i kept getting these errors over and over anyone have any ideas? I was able to load the exact same file fine on Nitrogen and my personal Pc
  8. AAAWWW Yeah !!!!!! Thank you for all you hard work, much appreciated
  9. Kamaka

    Highope's Modlets

    is anyone else not seeing the small rock for the boulder respawn mod , the trees and cars is working fine for me
  10. I may of missed it but how do you make the forged uranium item ? I cant seem to find where to craft in in anything
  11. Question is it intended that it takes 600 gas to craft a barrel but when you go to reopen that same barrel you only get 300 gas back? for storage I like to put my gas into barrels ..loosing 300 gas seems a steep crafting cost
  12. Does anyone know if Level 200 Skill Cap A16.4 works with this mod ?
  13. Question about the power plants , I put the rings and Enriched Uranium in the core and then turned on the Turbins am i missing something because i am not getting plutonium - - - Updated - - - mine did the same thing when i repaired it ... i was bumbed such a large jump from 700 to 600
  14. How do you melt rubber scraps into rubber?
  15. lol funny thing i was just searching to see if anyone had put together one for use for now not part as the mod but just separate because i dont know how to do it .. I think they prefer not to make a large one to be in the mod and that is fine with me love the mod either way but I would love if someone did have one to share for those of us that do like bigger packs , altho 72 is a lot I was thinking no more than 60 and maybe double what the minibike has now
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