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  1. Is funny to see Marlene two hiting a bear ... way to go women ... If you have a bear problem call Marlene and Arlene.
  2. Speaking about it got at least missinformation out of my head i would hav e carried for who know how long ....
  3. Screenshoot please, because i compared some items of same tier and they had all the same stats? Is it an old world?
  4. Ther is no random stat range any longer they have all the same stats based quality level.
  5. Iron Bars on same levle work to if i remeber correctly.
  6. They have not i now seen Spiders (i think only in wandering horde), Strippers, Shellsys (Chearleaders), Bikers, Football jocks, Cops. Did not see them at start they appered one after another with rising game stage. Ok to be serious i did see them before Animal Flood now i only see dire woves and bears outside of POI's xD. And if you in a POI a bear will come knocking "I am the main Feature of 163b and want attention. NOW!!!"
  7. they are not gone you game stage is only to low.
  8. @Ayrton. The Quality change is "mode de resolution dynamica" or what is in your language. You have set it to automatical and 60 fps minimum. It trys to lower all graphcis setings to hold 60fps. Turn it to 30 fps or off ...
  9. Only that most agresive animals are not in the wild. The 5 Bears and 10 Direr Wolves i saw wher all in cities and towns. I saw not one of them in the wilds the only things that are the normal wolves.
  10. How was that you tie loot and enemies to gamestage? The animals are since the patch yesterday not tied to game stage any longer. A fresh character with a club a bow and a few arrows will now get Bears and Dire Wolfs on every corner. Because you need to runaway most of the game you will not rise you gamestage in the near future to get any guns ... If you are at later stage and have guns food is totaly meaningless again. I was on of the few who loved the progresion ... but if animals are not tied to game stage then i am done.
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