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  1. We weren't seeing any of these AI problems on our dedi in A19. The issue seems to be them not exiting destroyarea mode once they enter it so eventually you end up with all of them in destroyarea and none of them pathing to you. And since I use a UI mod (due to disliking the default UI as being too difficult for me to see), I'm not allowed to fill out a bug report.
  2. Her comments about casual gamers are spot on. Hell, I have almost 2000 hours in the game (since Alpha 6) and the AI changes to destroy mode are @%$#ing me off to the point I don't want want to do BM hordes any more and I'm not the only one on our server that feels this way. I just listened to my husband giving a hour long (and still going) rant on the subject and he has been playing since pre-Alpha. It seems that on solo games they are coming out of destroy mode but when they enter destroy area mode on dedicated servers, they never come out of it. Even of Liz's SP test game, she has an example where they had two paths to her and none of the zeds would even try to get to her. 50% destroy area seems a bit ridiculously much and with them never coming out of destroy mode, all of them will being in destroy mode in very swift order. That's not any fun to play. I watched 1 BM zed spawn within eyesight 1 block above the ground, fall and ragdoll then permanently enter destroy mode with no damage to the zed taken.
  3. We are on a dedicated MP server.
  4. No, there is a path to us. I had the AI view (whatever it is actually called dm mode Num 0) on and watched 10 zeds spawn in within eyesight and 9 pathed to us immediately but one immediately went into destroy mode (it was a duplicate of another zed that was out and was closer to the path to us than its twin who actually pathed to us). And every other zed that went into destroy mode for whatever reason stayed in destroy mode permanently instead of coming out of it as the xml indicates they should.
  5. Agreed. But even the older version I had that would run on A19 will not run on A20 (I tried it already).
  6. Are blood moon zeds supposed to spawn in already in destroy everything mode? Because we are certainly seeing it happen. And aren't they supposed to exit destroy everything mode after a certain amount of time? We are seeing ANY exit destroy everything mode once they get in it.
  7. At what game stage are ferals supposed to start spawning? Seeing an awful lot of ferals at extremely low levels.
  8. So nothing player craftable?
  9. Is there any way to reduce the timer on sprains? Splints and casts only affect broken bones.
  10. Further feedback: 1. What the hell is up with all the zeds making 5 block jumps? Feral or not, the only zed that was supposed to be able to jump that far was the spider. We are routinely seeing Arlenes and Nurses making 5 block jumps both in our game an in several streamers games. 2. Suggestion: Completing Needle & Thread books series really should give you the ability to craft sewing kits. 3. Suggestion: Completing a weapon's book series gives you the ability to craft that weapon's parts
  11. Nope, it doesn't appear to keep them together. My game stage is 82 but my loot stage is only 48. Normal zombies should not be able to leap farther than players can.
  12. You can't use the higher level blocks for layout as you cannot pick them back up.
  13. Just a little feedback: As a crafter/builder, I think the XP from upgrading needs to be halved at the minimum. Otherwise if you do a large base build, your game stage will FAR outlevel your loot stage and totally bone you and your group (if you are co-op) on horde night. Anybody else noticing normal/feral zombies making leaps that previously only a spider zombie could make and definitely more than any non-parkour player can jump. Last horde night, we were routinely seeing feral Steves jumping 5 - 7 block gaps.
  14. Planted mushroom seeds/spores, let them grow, harvested them with LotL 3, out of 20 plantings only got 1 seed. I did the test because a couple of my players were saying they weren't getting ANY seeds/spores.
  15. Anybody else having problems getting seeds/spores from mushrooms? With LotL 3 planted 20 mushrooms, waited for them to grow then harvested them and only got 1 seed.
  16. That would be nice. Honestly I found the pipe baton clunky even though the stun baton is my favorite melee weapon. It's very disjointing to have a different attack style and animations between the primitive tier and the higher tiers of the same weapon line.
  17. Well if you are, then that's your problem.
  18. I don't see the rationale behind that one either.
  19. Not a bug, just the way rng works sometimes.
  20. What do you mean it was wrong on drones? The drone was listed in the patch notes, and the drone is in the game. Just because you didn't read the patch notes carefully enough, doesn't mean it wasn't there.
  21. I disagree. The only perennials you farm in real life are fruit and nut trees/bushes. Every other crop you have to replant after every harvest.
  22. People are so damned impatient.
  23. There is no completing the game in 7 days because there is no endgame. And unless you have xp gains seriously jacked up, you aren't completing skill trees in 7 days either.
  24. What the hell does any of that have to do with the useability of stealth and bows vs. radiated zeds on Warrior difficulty? Answer: absolutely nothing. If you are trying to imply that he is cheating things in, he is not.
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