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  1. The new nurse is wearing scrubs.
  2. No, those are chicken eggs. chickens are ground nesters, vultures are not ground nesters (we have 5 pairs who nest in our old barn every year).
  3. The Steve zombie is Asian and there is a black zombie just don't remember which one. It was discussed on one of the livestreams.
  4. I installed the optional 10 slot toolbar file and adjusted the UI scale and it works fine for me on the vanillla 10 slot toolbelt.
  5. Did you try adjusting the UI scale in your settings?
  6. I love to send them flying with my stun baton with the stun repulsor mod in it.
  7. @RipClaw Thank you for the name @theFlu Thank you for that info. @Gazz Yes, I know but I spotted that POI in someone else's stream rather than my own game and I wanted to explore it in my own game.
  8. Anyone have any idea what the name of this POI is?
  9. Thanks. Obviously I haven't rechecked the first page in awhile.
  10. I know Trader Jen specializes in medical stuff, but does anyone have a list or know of a link showing which traders specialize in what items? The trader page on the wiki has not been updated since before Jen was put in.
  11. I remember when 7 Days had 10 slots. I really miss those two slots.
  12. I couldn't get past the second chapter of that insipid book. My husband made me watch the movies. I literally slept thru the last two with my hubby just waking me up to watch the werewolf fights and the death of a certain annoying character. Only the first two seasons even remotely followed the books, after that it completely jumped the shark.
  13. @madmole I have to say that I am absolutely loving the stun repulsor mod on the stun baton. Every time it goes off and the zed goes flying, I start giggling.
  14. I play with my husband and I have over 1600 hours in game.
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