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  1. one of the best mods so far for alpha 16, wery neat looking UI so far only play to day 2 but love it this far, and I will love to explore this mod more a GREAT JOB with this mod keep up your good work. Love it so much
  2. what hardware changes do we players need to do to get alpha 17 up and running ?
  3. thnx for your reply, I just started the test mod sync now hope it will work, at least my network start to download from mod launcher this time, just hope this will fix the issue with download. *edit* followed sphreii advice downloaded a ssl enabler/disabler software tool, and now xmas is here already game is running with mod. so a great thnx to sphreii for the help and advice how to solve the problem in a easy way.
  4. HELP problem to instal starvation hi all, I have a problem to install starvation mod using the spherelli mod launcher. I start with alpha 16.3 set all the locations where my install and where to copy the files in mod launcher. I press install mod, take about 5 to 10 minutes to install, I press then play, that take more than 24 hours and no install of starvation. I have a 10 mbps internet, more than 20 GB free space to put the mod on HD but do not work at all. but I get in the mod launcher info window a invalid git hub, repo detected........ the log files say waiting for background prosesses to complete, refreshing mods for starvation16. Is there a another way to install this mod ? such as zip or rar file to download and copy paste to the game folder ? I was hooked up on this mod since alpha 15 and did realy enjoy this mod it kind of give back the interest for the game with new challenges and options for the gameplay. I would realy love if I could make this mod work again on my computer. So anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this problem ?
  5. problem to instal properly the mod. hi, I have kind of problem, maybe I did not get it all of what this mod include or not, but what I done is for now third try to make this mod, so here it goes 1. I copy the original folder of 7D2D from steam. 2. I create a folder WotW. copy all files in to this location. 3. then I copy and paste the files from WotW into this new folder. 4. I run the game. Game work fine BUT, no big back pack what so ever. as I can see from other youtubers have. what do I do wrong with my mod installing? this is basically a SP use for me never try MP part of this game yet, I need to learn the game changes first from vanilla, I only play 7D2D the last 5 months I think only have 800 hours in the game so far. I play valmod also with bigger back pack that work fine for me. So I was wonder if I need to find a bigger back pack mod someplace to include in the WotW mod as well ? if that is the case Google can not find that mod or file , and I am not skiled to mess around with XML files (potato fingers and no screws and bolts that can be fixed with a wrench or screwdriver lol. what I try to say is I am only a gamer not a programmer or creator of games or anything with computers software. update: I have found my error after a while, my download file was corrupted and had missing parts, don't remember the name as for now, I just go back to the site for download and see their was mismatch in file size of the zip file, so download again and now it is working fine. with some small errors due to the mod I guess. But no complain love this mod as for now. play it to my death lol looting I ment to my death. love your work Dwallorde and your effort to this game.
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