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  1. I used a mod to remove crosshair on all guns when aiming except the bows. I love it.
  2. Original Facebook post I was browsing Facebook posts and came across this. Is there a way we can tweak radiated Zombies to be less invasive with that green glow, but more subtle yet clearly visible it's radiated like example in the picture? I agree with his comments as well. I think it's better for cuts and gashes in the zombie skin to glow green versus the zombie's whole body including clothes which really is a little weird for me and it may help with performance with some PCs.
  3. Steam name: T_Rawls Hours played: 857 Started on Alpha: 14 Discord name: Justa Bird#9027 Native language: English Operating system : Win10
  4. So I was thinking about upgrading my Charismatic nature perk which gives a boost to Agility and Fortitude I think, but only one person around me uses one of those attributes. The other people would get no benefit whatsoever because it only boost damage with those weapons. So I got the idea of wanting to add stats to the attributes such as every point of fortitude is a +10 to health so you can get an extra 100 health at level 10 on top of the way it you get health now for a possible 300 health now that may be too much but it'd damn sure be fun running around horde night with 300 hp and for agility boost stamina for a +10 up to and extra 100 stamina. strength could be a +0.5 or +1 of stamina regen up to a max of +5 or +10 stamina regen. I couldn't think of anything for perception and maybe intellect boost xp gain and craft speed or something. also you could boost allies hp and stamina with the charismatic nature perk so it'd be useful even if no one uses it's specified atrributes. If i knew how to mod i'd mod those things in myself but i can't.
  5. I wish I could level up some things by doing, but I don't mind a skill tree also. I just wish they'd get rid of the level requirements. If i wanna dump all my skill points into one perk then let me. There is already an attribute requirement for the perks no need for level requirements too. I think that can help with stamina complaints because you now have the choice to level up the necessary perks for stamina. Also, it seems like zombies always always always know where I am for some reason. I don't mind the difficulty because i'm still playing on insane but if u startle one zombie then the whole damn town is coming for you. I like the combat but hitboxes are jank as hell. My biggest enjoyment is building massive s#!t. I can still do that but i can't protect it with just 1 land claim block :'( maybe a 4-5 limit is a better middle ground. Side Note: I'm watching YT and from 15:00-15:25 you can see about 6 zombies spawn extremely close to him. I don't know if there is a way to prevent zombies from spawning within a certain distance from the player to keep that from happening. I don't mean like this huge safety net but only like a 20m distance or something. I'm just spitballing here. (ALPHA 17 - Deadly Farm But Worth It | 7 Days To Die Alpha 17 | Part 9) ( ) Thanks for hearing me out.
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