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  1. I used a mod to remove crosshair on all guns when aiming except the bows. I love it.
  2. Original Facebook post I was browsing Facebook posts and came across this. Is there a way we can tweak radiated Zombies to be less invasive with that green glow, but more subtle yet clearly visible it's radiated like example in the picture? I agree with his comments as well. I think it's better for cuts and gashes in the zombie skin to glow green versus the zombie's whole body including clothes which really is a little weird for me and it may help with performance with some PCs.
  3. Steam name: T_Rawls Hours played: 857 Started on Alpha: 14 Discord name: Justa Bird#9027 Native language: English Operating system : Win10
  4. So I was thinking about upgrading my Charismatic nature perk which gives a boost to Agility and Fortitude I think, but only one person around me uses one of those attributes. The other people would get no benefit whatsoever because it only boost damage with those weapons. So I got the idea of wanting to add stats to the attributes such as every point of fortitude is a +10 to health so you can get an extra 100 health at level 10 on top of the way it you get health now for a possible 300 health now that may be too much but it'd damn sure be fun running around horde night with 300 hp and for ag
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