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  1. Glad you enjoy it! I agree that sleeper respawn hurts immersion, and it irked me so much that I needed to make this. I've been really enjoying clearing places out with this in place, and I hope you have too! If the server is modded to have DMT in place, DMT mods will work just fine on dedicated servers. I have tested this mod and other DMT mods I've made on dedicated servers and it's fine. I hope you've been able to successfully use the mod. Sorry for the late replies.
  2. I'm afraid that won't work. My mod resets the respawn time each time you visit a POI, so that the sleepers don't respawn. The reason I have it set to an interval like that is so that if you remove the mod, the POIs will have the same respawn time as if you had never used the mod before, effectively returning things to normal.
  3. Awesome! You're welcome. Same here. I learned how to mod specifically to create this, haha.
  4. You're welcome! I hope that you enjoy it. The folder structure should be something like 7 days to die directory/Mods/StayClear/ModInfo.xml 7 days to die directory/Mods/StayClear/Harmony/StayClear_SleeperVolume_UpatePlayerTouched.dll
  5. Hey. This mod requires DMT in order to use it. If you are using a client that has DMT pre-applied (such as if you are using an overhaul like Darkness Falls or Undead Legacy), you need only to put the mod in your mods folder. If you are not using DMT, then you will need to download DMT, create a mods folder somewhere outside of the game folder where you will put all the mods you want to use (your current existing ones and mine), and then you will use DMT to manage your mods. In DMT settings, you would input the path of the new mod folder you created along with the path of your install folder, and then you'd press the build button and then you'll be good to go. Please let me know if you run into any issues or need help setting it up. You do not need to start a new game, my mod will work with any existing game. If you visit a POI, provided that you have fully cleared it in the past, nothing should respawn. This should not conflict with any quests or anything, but feel free to let me know if you run into any issues. I'd be happy to hear back from you here if you get it working successfully!
  6. I'm glad to hear that. Hope you enjoy it. I'm only sorry it took me months. I hadn't realized people had commented on my old thread. Feel free to shoot me a PM if this breaks in the future. I'm more likely to see it that way.
  7. This is an updated version of my mod that removes sleeper respawning from the game after you've finished clearing a building, a mechanic I've never cared for, as it doesn't allow you to have the enjoyable progression of being able to clear out towns, nor do I feel like it's entirely immersive to expect all the buildings to constantly be completely refilled. The mod should function the same as the original, except now it's been updated to support Harmony 2/the latest version of DMT. You can download the latest version of the mod here. It requires DMT in order to use it. If you encounter any issues or need any help, please let me know! If you like, support my modding efforts via PayPal or ko-fi (supports credit cards and Apple Pay)
  8. Hey everyone. I've released an updated version of my mod. You should be able to download it from the same link in the original post, or here if you don't want to go back. I just tested it on A19.2 and it works for me. I'd be happy to hear back from you if you're able to download it and get it working. I'll be reaching out to the people who posted here via PM to increase the chance they get to see the update. I can't figure out how to edit my original post on this new version of the forums, if it's even possible to anymore, so I'm going to create a new thread to detail that this is now compatible with Alpha 19.
  9. Hey everyone. I'm sorry that I've missed these messages for so long, but I've taken a break from this game as my life got really busy. I will make sure to do some research and get this up and running again, and I'll make sure that you guys are aware of it. So sorry for the wait.
  10. Thanks for that info, was exactly what I was hoping for. Well I'm terribly sorry I've taken so long, but life's been a little crazy these days. I updated the zip file (download link on the first page) to contain the precompiled DLL files so that users who are using a client that already has DMT applied can just drop it into the mods directory.
  11. Hey there. Sorry, I don't use Darkness Falls so I cannot speak with experience in how Darkness Falls works or if it is possible to use this mod with it. This mod requires DMT to use, so you need to download and use the DMT patcher as described here. DMT makes you create a mod folder separate from the 7 days to die install folder, which it uses to apply mods to the game. This would replace any mods installed, so this works fine for people who just use modlets, but not for people running overhauls like Darkness Falls. If Darkness Falls already has DMT in place, I can update the download so that it includes the compiled version of the mod, in which case you will only have to include it in the mods folder and it should be automatically picked up. I will do this today and post an update when I get to it.
  12. Yes, this mod should not affect the clear zombies quests. There is a part of the game code that checks a timer when you enter a POI, and if that timer is expired the sleepers respawn. This mod simply resets that timer each time, so that it never expires. The quests don't utilize that timer.
  13. You're welcome. Please note that POIs that you cleared with the old version won't respawn unless you visit them with this version first. So you would visit them with this version, then remove the mod, then after several in game days they would spawn again. As I said, if this would be a problem for you I can create a mod for you that should be able to fix everything.
  14. I've released an update so that the above issue will be fixed. If there are those with a concern for removing the mod sometime on a world they've been playing on, I suggest using the new version. It works just like before, but if you remove the mod, POIs that have been cleared with the mod installed will be capable of respawning sleepers.
  15. Hey there. If you stop using the mod, sleepers will respawn normally in newly cleared POIs after removing the mod. However, POIs that you cleared while using the mod will not spawn again for a ridiculous amount of time. I had not accounted for this. I will make an update to fix this so that if you stop using it it will behave just as normal. Once I update it, you will have to revisit the POIs again, then remove the mod, and then if you don't visit them again for several days (can't remember the number off the top of my head), they'll respawn as normal. If having to revisit the POIs you want to re-enable again is a very serious problem for you, I can make you a special mod that you can use in place of this mod to fix your specific issue. Thanks for the feedback.
  16. Need any help creating a DMT modlet for this? That way people can use this with other mods and you wouldn't have to keep updating it every single build
  17. Thanks everyone for taking the time to show your interest. I really appreciate knowing that this is useful and enjoyable for others. I hope it works okay for you guys.
  18. This is one of the first and only mods I've made. I've never liked the sleeper respawns. I know they're necessary for public multiplayer servers, but I only play single player and private multiplayer servers with one or two other people, and I'd always thought it would be really fun to try to clear out towns, building by building. Besides, it detracts from the realism a bit for me how buildings are always refilling. I really wanted there to be some XML setting for this, but it was never added, and me and my friends wanted to be able to clear towns so much that this was one of the main driving forces of me learning how to mod the game. I know this was done before, but the other version stopped working and seems to be no longer maintained. The other version relied on IL modifications, whereas my version is a much more simple change and should be more resilient to updates. I've used it in all versions of alpha 18 with no issues on single player and a dedicated linux server. You can download the latest version of the mod here. It requires DMT in order to use it. If you encounter any issues or need any help, please let me know! If you like, support my modding efforts via PayPal or ko-fi Updates v1.1.0 - Adjusted the code such that if the mod is removed, sleepers will be able to respawn in POIs cleared while the mod was installed - Tested on A18.4
  19. I've had a decent amount of time to play around with DMT and Alpha 18.1 through 18.3, and I just wanted to thank whoever made DMT, Harmony, SDX, and the tutorials for all three. They're excellent tools. It's been challenging but fun to create the few little mods I'd been wanting, and I'd never have been able to get anywhere if it weren't for the documentation that was written, so thanks a lot for all the work that's been put in.
  20. Hey, I'm currently doing debugging just with dnSpy. Does this offer any benefit over that?
  21. Thanks a lot for the info. Looks like a really great tool. Exactly what I'm looking for.
  22. How do you get started with modding the C# assembly? I'm a programmer, but what tool is best to use to view the assembly source? Do you just use ILSpy?
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