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  1. okay thank you for all the help you have provided greatly appreciate it, if i do release my mod you will be credited as a big thanks for helping me solve such a stupidly irritating thing that i so easily could of solved by not being an idiot
  2. OMG i stupidly ignored that i saw it and ignored it, ill remember that in future. that explains so much, thank you for pointing that out for me. For some reason i ignored it like it was just flavour text silly me.
  3. oh okay thank you for that, will do it now. so ruleset is used when skipping multiple lines to insert changes? or am i misunderstanding? It works awesomly. now gonna try and make it appear at the top of the ui - http://prntscr.com/r55zmj I have a feeling the fireinput is taking priority so may have to put up with it. but thank you so much dude, wouldnt of figured it out without you.
  4. i have corrected the cols attribute in my chem station, i do have the ModInfo.xml file set correctly, as i have gotten other changes to work and load without issue, just the tools dont appear on the workstations like it does with a forge. as with the same mod i got recipes to load without issue for example, i want to use a wrench with the workbench to make an Engine and i got the recipe for the engine to load without issue.
  5. SOLVED, if you are also having the same issue as below, hopefully the below will be able to help. Big Thanks to ExtremeLurker. Hi, slowly getting used to the new modding system since my last mod was in alpha 16, and im trying to get some of my old mod into a new mod, but i am struggling to get my changes to take affect. im trying to add a Tools slot to both chemistry station and workbench, i have included the correct code in both Config/XUi/ windows.xml - https://pastebin.com/4050GKCq xui.xml - https://pastebin.com/EUcyPbp3 i am wondering am i missing another key file to change or have i not done it correctly. or maybe its not currently possible with the new toys. Sorry i noticed i badly worded my thread title quite embarrassed
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