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  1. Hi! Great Mods! Question: i want to change speed of vehicules, i edited vehicules files but no success, which files i need to modify?
  2. Hi! Can i use Nitrogen with this mod? good work btw look very nice!
  3. clean install and cant see the official war3zuk map... edit: nm, map delete didnt see your post
  4. Hi! have tried your mod on OfficialServerMapAIO, i found ALOT of chinese building... its a bug or?
  5. Hi! did you remove the gyrocopthere parts? Or its a very rare drops?
  6. ok ty, but i cant load my old game (2.50.1) ☹️ error msg: IndexOutOfRangeException: index was outside the bounds of the array
  7. Hi! can i use mod launcher to install the last patch? (2.50.2)
  8. Hello! How do you grow Mushroom?
  9. Hi!, can i use nitrogen with war of the walkers?
  10. Hi! anyone know why my ceiling keep falling apart when i go on my roof? even a 4x4 wall, roof falling only when i step on ceiling... hmm its seem if i use recalc stabilty its ok...
  11. Hi! my friends deleted all his class quest! what can we do?
  12. Nice, cant wait to try your mod Subquake, saw it on twitch, TexcubSf...
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