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  1. DISCONTINUED: Sorry to all but after much consideration I will no longer be updating or supporting any of my 7 Days mods.
  2. Simply put no. @all please people don't ask a question then bump the thread cause you didn't get an answer soon enough. I will answer a question in my own time if I feel an answer is really needed. I do not check this post very often anymore so it may take a bit sometimes. I do not even play this game anymore nor currently have any interest in it any longer. The only reason the mods were even updated is because there were so many that use it and I thought it would be nice. If I start feeling pressured about these mods though I will be more likely to just discontinue them as I have no interest in this game what so ever anymore. Just please remember I do these for free in my own time and now for no other reason than I know people like them. Cheers, stedman420
  3. You were just missing what it said in the op is all Lol [Copied From OP] These modlets all contain additional debugging in the form of a purposefully generated WRN event that will show Yellow in the console similar to the below entry. This allows me to know the file was successfully read and process by 7D2D, what mod the file was from, and which particular file in that mod: WRN XML patch for "XUi_Menu/windows.xml" from mod "RELXIX_UIMENU_DropOnDeathNothing" did not apply: <remove xpath="/Successfully_Loaded[@modname=RELXIX_UIMENU_DropOnDeathNothing][@version=1.0.3][@filename=\Config\XUi_Menu\windows.xml]"
  4. Open your inventory or press esc for the main menu then just navigate to the button next to the water bar and click it.
  5. I hear that and am sure this was why but still makes no sense you would think actually balancing food or making foods have spoilage would have been a much better solution than "better gameplay than sense" but I don't think we're ever going to win the battle on that one. It's also not the late game this even matters on it's early game that I've seen people having problems with when they don't have hardly any canned food and only have things they've cooked. I don't know it just makes no sense to me and I don't think it ever will.
  6. This food poisoning thing makes no sense to me and seems very backwards. As far as I know old cans of food would have a much higher chance of making you sick then something you hunted and cooked. I personally throw away old cans of food for that reason but am very happy to eat something I've killed and have never got sick from it. I mean really would you get sick that often when eating bacon and eggs I sure don't.
  7. Toolbelt modlet was updated with a small fix just use same download link in OP for new version. FIXED: xp fill gauge not displaying properly when having negative xp. CHANGED: xp fill gauge is now default colors. Blue when positive xp and red when negative.
  8. You download the modlet manually from the OP and place it in your Mods folder. And yes you can just delete it and it will not effect anything aside from the save that was made using that modlet.
  9. Toolbelt modlet has been updated. There is now a download link for an A18 version in the OP. The github link will not be updated until A18 goes to the stable branch. FIXED: Item icons being stretched in toolbelt. FIXED: Shape selector icon not appearing on items that have it when placed in toolbelt.
  10. Ok I've updated OP with links for the A18 version of the bigger backpacks. All other the other modlets are currently working fine on A18 except for the 4 digit crafting modlet which is no longer needed in A18. The github links however will not be updated until A18 goes to the stable branch. @MODS Any chance a mod or someone could remove A17 from the title of this post?
  11. Well so far it seems everything aside from the 4 digit craft and the bigger backpacks already work fine with A18. The 4 digit craft is no longer needed in A18 as it already has that feature and the bigger backpacks should take me all about 5 or 10 minutes to fix today. So they should hopefully be ready tomorrow when A18 drops if all goes well.
  12. Sweeeeeet thank you so much for this I was really worried about how the rage mechanic would work for those of us that play on nightmare speed and now it's fixed so I can look forward to this like everyone else.
  13. When is the last time you downloaded the mod there was an update for that at one point. You might try redownloading the mod and reinstalling it.
  14. Quick question about the rage mechanic If playing on nightmare run will the zombies go any faster than nightmare speed when hit or is their speed capped at nightmare run?
  15. If difficulty did something besides simply adjust damage values this might be a good point. But as it is nothing aside from damage values are changed so at least for me and some others this doesn't really increase difficulty it just makes things take longer. Now if difficulty changed spawn amounts or food\thirst\stamina drain or anything else that might actually make the game a little harder to survive I could see this point but as it is spawn amounts and food\thirst\stamina drain are just as trivial on insane as they are on the easiest setting making the game far too easy still IMO
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