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  1. I'm really enjoying this, like the prev. version however I can't seem to use the clubs like before. Once was the planks into clubs could have anything put into them, now not co much. also I don't seem to be gaining XP for ANYTHING! Might need to do a clean install but it's day 14, and im still only level 4. Also when I do research it SAYS something like bio went up a level but nothing happens. Next when you do the experiments is it normal for them to very rarely drop notes? As noted I've put 14 game days and getting ready for my second horde night, but i'm horribly knee-capped by the lack of anything generating XP it seems. help?
  2. Honestly I preferred the old AI. The new AI is honestly too smart. It would work if you added the random asshole bandit horde, but the old one where they zeroed in on you was pretty cool. But that's just me I guess. It felt a hell of a lot more dangerous on horde night because there really wasn't a way to predict where or how they'd come at you.
  3. ok TY my bad. I play both so I get them mixed up sometimes >.<;;
  4. I did a manual install... but did I screw up? I'm using 18.3b4 but I can't farm crickets anymore. are they no longer in the mod? I also don't see a need to make the personal workbench thingie.
  5. only the ones you see on the map. and they're noted as hireable when you mouse over them... otherwise shoot to kill!
  6. they show up randomly on the map as a spot I think. I've only run into 1. as far as bandits they're quite prolithic
  7. there are bandits, as well as hirable NPCs... who die pretty fast for the money! I had mixed FPS but it may be because my system is starting to age. When I had it working, i only had 8GB RAM YMMV
  8. Has anyone else had trouble downloading the mod on the mod launcher? I've had it take 3+ HOURS and im on a solid 90 Mb connection using Cat 6 to my router. Any other mod is like 30 minutes at most (Ravenhearst). I recently deleted the mod I had so that I could upgrade to 2.5/18.3 and I CAN NOT get it to properly download. Were there problems the last few days? I rather like DF a lil more than RH so this kinda sucks for me. help?
  9. one of us one of us, he will become one of us! - - - Updated - - - I'm ok with the nerfing. literally EVERY OTHER GAME does the same. The bonus comes when you get that sweet 2-3x bonus from stealth kills to the head. BOOM! ahhh head-shots are the best shots! - - - Updated - - - It didn't help that A17 was the Vista of the series (Sorry MM) GREAT ideas... meh implementation. - - - Updated - - - HOLY ♥♥♥♥ that looks.. OMG GOOD!!!! Though now I suppose I need to upgrade from my "old" GTX 1060 6GB video card for that level of OMFG huh?
  10. You're in HS... get back to your schooling! How else are you going to become an awesome whatever?! =]
  11. no the candy buffs only give you a temporary level in something. So candy will give you a +1 to the barter perk, and so on. once you max those out, you won't have a need for candy except as sell fodder, at least that's my reading of it. - - - Updated - - - hence why our wives are so awesome! >.> also mine knows im too g/d dense to pick up on flirting.
  12. Just means he has an awesome wife like mine...both taking notes to compare later
  13. Just a note... the game IS a moving target. I love it, i've been playing solid since A14, however it seems like EVERY Alpha is almost it's own game now. 16 was the last version taht seemed like an update. 17 (whose name shall not be again mentioned) felt like a near ground up rebuild, 18.3 another heavy overhaul (again ALL of these are good updates) so I think we can assume 19 will again be an overhaul. What's the harm in dumping docs for the modders? Yes 7D2D is a moving target... but a slow moving one. Even if you do ultimately dump UMA, why not let modders play with it? One of the things that makes my constantly replay 7D2D is all the mods. I get fatigued with vanilla after a while, but always come back when the mods catch up to the current version (which seems to always require a ground-up rebuild). So why not let the modders have at? That way you can dump the docs, say you did it with a minimum of man hours, and everyone (on our side anyway) is happy. If you end up dumping UMA, you dump UMA. It's possible that the community can see what went wrong with UMA and fix it. After all the community for 7 Days is amazing. just something to chew on that would A- shut us up on THIS subject and B-possibly crowd source a solution to a REALLY GOOD idea you guys had for more dynamic zombies. Like the rest, I love this game. It has significant replay-ability even for someone with OH SHINY syndrome like me.
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