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  1. Many thanks to TFP's for keeping us in the loop. Also well done for getting your own rights back, just a shame you had to go through such a minefield to obtain them. As for console ( I am a console player ) I personally would never go near it again,If I were TFP's and it was my business! Pains me to say as much as like all console players we are desperate for an update, but I guess some people in this world are desperate for food! Puts things into perspective I guess! Still all being said and done i definitely feel like I got my money's worth from a game I played almost exclusively for over 2 years. Guess it's time to start saving up for a PC!
  2. I am in the UK so GMT for me. I have a mic and only play 7dtd. I'm on most days and love to build, loot and kill Zed's! Gamer tag is StickiestEnd. Msg me on psn if interested!
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