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  1. This sounds like the treasure bug. Make sure you do not have a duplicate treasure quest in your quest tab and if you do, cancel and reconnect.
  2. My guess is, that through the random chance of open or lootable container you balance the loot in POIs. @krononsI would think about an upgrade to block counter for players who like the option that looted containers recover stock. Its fairly simple but would turn all open containers to lootable ones (again) after some time.
  3. https://steamdb.info/app/251570/history/ there ya go. Guess they made a new build which is up for final testing...
  4. Love it! Regarding the compass I'm working on something similar for a while for our HUD. I noticed your numbers jump 255 to 260 instead of 270. Just a minor detail to correct
  5. Howdy! Vehicles turn into entities when placed and thus you can’t add them with a prefab editor BUT: if you have a look at the code of the trader spawner block and are familiar to some extent with modding you should be able to make a block which keeps spawning a bicycle on top of it once the one which was there is taken away. i have a block Nodded that spawns animals and one that spawns random human beings which you can hit once and they follow you. if you’re not familiar with modding but would like that Mod Let me know and I can see if bikes spawn properly. (I recommend to only place the block inside the prefab that is on the live server / game And not on the editor - this way prefabs consist out of 100% vanilla Blocks And remain valid with future game versions/versions of your mods )
  6. Problem is that each new world gen generates a new Block and Item ID Mapping. The xmls dont have preassigned IDs to the individual blocks/items anymore. So move the block/item ID Mapping from the worldsave folder to the new world and the inventory should be copied properly. If the new world started already - the valid new players then will have the bugged inventory though So only to be done on a completely new world prior to people joining. Remember that the spawning location however needs to be valid (last log out is where they log in - if its now outside of the world size - happy flight.
  7. Hi guys, I have a player class system for Lands of Anarchy which gives early game boosts in perks affiliated to certain classes (scavenger, builder, chef, engineer). Basically, it assumes that every player used to be some sort of profession prior to the apocalypse and thus already has some certain knowledge. The class system extends the quest line - after the trader quest you get a book as reward which starts the player class quests. This very book is the beginning of the failsafe system to ensure that every player can maximum assign one class. The item has requirement nothasbuff buffplayerclasschosen and perform OnPrimaryActionEnd AddBuff buffplayclass with target self; this buffs boosts the RewardOptionCount to 4 to ensure all the specific class books are visiible for reward. The individual class books then have requirement hasbuff buffplayerclass for action0 and removebuff buffplayerclass + addbuff buffplayerclasschosen + addbuff class specific buff. On local server and small dedicated servers the buff system works perfectly fine and the classes are properly assigned. However - on the populated dedicated server the buffplayerclass is not properly assigned and I fear that most (modded?) items with buffs thus (sometimes/always?) fail to work properly. Has anyone else had that experience or knows anyway to ensure addbuff is performed upon reading the first book? I'm kinda stuck because the mod's code has been debugged several times without any errors/obvious things that come to my mind. Thanks!
  8. Looking awesome. Is it possible to get a statement if the current 17.2 build is a candidate for stable release in the next 24-40 hours? I'm leaving for a business trip and the server im managing has quite an amount of people chafing at the bit to start over. As I always prepare the world with some detail work for the players I could start with the current (experimental) RWG already at least so the transition is rather fast.
  9. Which change/fix includes the render exploit / bug in entity vs. block visibility?
  10. Minor like the glitching into everything? Disagree. It's killing most PVP servers at least...
  11. giKoN


    Hey stasis love your work. I'm modding for Anarchy and we have some simliar things. For wine I solved the production differently which I wanted to let you know: I have used the model of the barrels as fermentation tanks and made them to work as a forge. You throw grapes in and they "melt" or get fermented together with some yeast. If you have enough "melted" you can let craft some wine in there. I'm sure you're capable of doing something similar if you wish to so I won't post the lines here. Regarding trees, I have an apple tree using <property name="Model" value="Entities/Trees/OakSml01Prefab"/> . The Oak seed (which would be perfect for some fruits/vegetables) doesn't collide unfortunately which seems to be hard coded for the vehicles. At least I don't need to use the giant trees for apples...
  12. Any plan to convert the existing localization into an xml file which is pushed to clients from the dedi?
  13. Not sure why an expression of hope a suggestion makes it into the base game triggers your protective instinct but sure, count +1. Modding isn't necessarily easier than ever - debugging is a lot worse through having to start an actual game rather than showing errors on boot up and furthermore, some errors in the mods may not be shown at all. And even though that probably triggered you as well this was constructive criticism by pointing at what makes life harder for me.
  14. I'm currently working on a cvar around healthy living that rewards you with additional hp depending on the things you eat for a certain time after eating them. So those books as well could modify a cvar e.g. health for an amount of time - even though i have never felt healthier or more resiliant after reading something. But I am also looking into making a perk that costs an immense amount of points so noone can buy it - however, reading a certain schem unlocks that perk temporary - thus unlocking a set of recipes triggered by that perk which after a time you "forget how to craft" until you read it again. Those kinds of things I would love to have from the pimps though as the underlying logic is quite evident.
  15. I kinda really like that logic and it’s realism. To match my real life experience I’d however love if whatever shape I want produced only fits on the 5th try 😂
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