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  1. It looks like you're starting by digging straight down. Here's what I do: bisect the circle by digging a trench one block deep, say north-south. Then start a trench perpendicular to that, east-west. When the circle starts shrinking continue digging the "top soil" focusing on the quadrant that's closer to the centre of the circle. Once the circle has reduced enough, then start digging deeper.
  2. Is this a bug or did I get unlucky... I just started a new game for B169 and after the initial quests, found my trader and had look around the surrounding area. I selected a POI for a temporary base, placed the land claim block and did some repairs before going back to the trader to get a quest for the following morning. I selected a nearby fetch and, here's the bit that concerns me, it turns out to be the POI I set up as a base. So my question is: is this a bug that a POI with a land claim block can be selected for a quest, or am I just unlucky (and it's probably too hard to filter out POI's with land claim blocks)?
  3. Here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thunk Very useful in the early days of computing, definitely showing my age
  4. I've always wanted know if there was a way to add some variation to the zombies' appearance, especially when they are in groups such as mini-hordes. Just something simple like different coloured clothing. Is that possible and have you discussed it?
  5. Steam name: panda3_14159 Hours played: 2,026 Started on Alpha: A15 (end 2016) Discord name: FatPanda#3244 Native language: English (Australian) FYI: Linux user
  6. Are they be dynamic or static? I've been thinking about supply drops and whether they would attract zombies: A supply drop lands and will you have to fight your way in/out of the area.
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