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  1. I've been absent from this forum for a little while, but I can't help but notice how often I read posts that describe the same user frustrations in the game's design. It may be helpful to have a sticky post of the biggest gameplay gripes and if/how the developers plan to address those gripes. For example, LBD -> gone forever, AI path-finding -> work in progress to make it less intelligent/more like a traditional zombie feel. Then when a new user expresses their experience with the new alpha and the conversation turns back to a well-established user gripe, the moderator can point back to the sticky with the TFP's stance on the topic. It brings awareness to the fact that they are not alone and that TFP have a position on the issue, whether that position is "Sorry, no" or "We agree, it's a WIP, here are the proposed changes...".
  2. It is my understanding that hostile animals are biome-specific so as to not inundate you with wild animals (unless wandering horde).
  3. I think mods have so much potential, but could have been done in a way to add to the gun implementation that was already there. I miss this as well. Good add.
  4. To me, RNG is what makes every game feel different. It adds to replayability. But then I also like to decide my build based on what I find. If I decided to be a slugger before starting a new game and I couldn't find bat parts, that would bug me as well. That's probably the reason why I don't.
  5. Exactly. Progression doesn't feel as fun as it did. More zombies, the plains biome, reduction of dungeon POIs to non-dungeon POIs, turds, iron ore, varying speeds on vehicles based on quality of components (hopefully mods brings this feel back), quality up to 600 and combining. Just to name a few
  6. I guess that explains why this thread is sticky...
  7. I'm not a fan of this attribute system either. The focus is all on combat, but I like to spend perk points on non-combat perks like lucky looter, salvage operations, daring adventurer, better barter, sexy rex, miner 69, mother lode, healing, stealth, etc. To me, A16.4 progression was perfect. As it is now, I resort to giving myself 2 points per level (tried 3 and progression was way too fast) and lower the xp level modifier a bit to give me the flexibility I need to play how I want. We'll see if reducing max levels of non-combat perks helps in A19.
  8. I agree on the repetitive same old tier 5 quest locations. Chaining multiple lower tier locations would be nice variation. I also like the idea of checking off a location once you have done them, especially if you have loot respawn disabled. I hope the quests in future alphas are more interactive with NPCs. An NPC runs up to you and asks your help to rescue a family member trapped in their house with zombies trying to break in. Each rescued NPC can join you at your base and help you fight during horde night. The mission fails if they die. Maybe they are infected and need x number of antibiotics. Maybe a bandit pretends to need help and lures you into a trap that you need to fight your way through. Maybe my suggestions are making this sound too much like skyrim...
  9. I would adjust to it if it got added, but I voted no because I feel like it would get grindy. However, if refrigeration was added to slow foods from spoiling then I would be all in.
  10. This game is the most played game in my library and it keeps getting better. You got my vote.
  11. I have a full set of military gear (modded with customized fittings), but like to use the performance running shoes instead of the military boots. Coupled with the letterman jacket and 5 in cardio, I am quite fast and stamina efficient. I haven't played around with the stealth military boots. Does anyone know if it's worth wearing?
  12. It's interesting to see the answers here. I agree with Scyris about the sledge/shottie combo for general use. If you can time the swing and charge, all bow down before the sledge. Also, it's fun to line the z's up and pop a couple heads with a single power swing. If I want to stealth in POIs, I'll typically use Ripclaw's composite bow (thanks) and sometimes silenced pistol. Horde nights I like Kage's m60 (thanks).
  13. The steel sledge is where it's at. I wonder if any other weapon can take off 2 heads with one power swing?
  14. It looks like the motorcycle doesn't collide with the new snow people. Their looking good, as are all the newly added textures. Also, the HD version of the vehicles use the standard chassis and accessories, not the HD ones. Although they do take the HD battery and engine to craft, the speed is not any faster than the standard version. I'm loving this mod. It's obvious so much work went into it. Well done, dwallorde!
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