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  1. Really good mod, I'm loving it! How do you get to endgame?
  2. I am having this problem as well after playing on a NitroGen created world with compopack. Never saw this issue on vanilla. The POIs affected change between playthroughs and can be big (like Izea) or smaller ones like my base below. Exiting to the main menu and continuing the save fixes the issue, but sometimes it will soon come back. Exiting the game completely also has the same effect. After a while of playing, the game might be using 13-14 GB of RAM out of a total of 16GB and game stuttering occurs which requires exiting the game. Recalc Stability didn't make a difference, although using 'p
  3. I've been absent from this forum for a little while, but I can't help but notice how often I read posts that describe the same user frustrations in the game's design. It may be helpful to have a sticky post of the biggest gameplay gripes and if/how the developers plan to address those gripes. For example, LBD -> gone forever, AI path-finding -> work in progress to make it less intelligent/more like a traditional zombie feel. Then when a new user expresses their experience with the new alpha and the conversation turns back to a well-established user gripe, the moderator can point back to
  4. I guess that explains why this thread is sticky...
  5. I agree on the repetitive same old tier 5 quest locations. Chaining multiple lower tier locations would be nice variation. I also like the idea of checking off a location once you have done them, especially if you have loot respawn disabled. I hope the quests in future alphas are more interactive with NPCs. An NPC runs up to you and asks your help to rescue a family member trapped in their house with zombies trying to break in. Each rescued NPC can join you at your base and help you fight during horde night. The mission fails if they die. Maybe they are infected and need x number of antibiotic
  6. It looks like the motorcycle doesn't collide with the new snow people. Their looking good, as are all the newly added textures. Also, the HD version of the vehicles use the standard chassis and accessories, not the HD ones. Although they do take the HD battery and engine to craft, the speed is not any faster than the standard version. I'm loving this mod. It's obvious so much work went into it. Well done, dwallorde!
  7. I was unable to attach the xml since it was too big, so I uploaded it to dropbox. The 7zip contains the recipe and items xml https://www.dropbox.com/s/64nj4w0ec68rswp/items.7z?dl=0 Edit: Added spreadsheet for easier viewing.
  8. I didn't make any changes to the economy of the foods. Instead, I made changes to improve what I felt was poor returns for combining multiple ingredients. If an item requires A + B ingredients, then the filling properties of A and B should be upheld (or near). There were some foods that just weren't worth making because it was more filling to eat them separately than to combine together. I realize that combining them saves time while eating, and that some filling drop off may be warranted. Such as requiring 10 blueberries won't get the full benefit after combined. I tried to make it more reaso
  9. You could modify the items and/or recipes xmls. I spent a couple hours balancing the food stats/recipes because I felt the same way.
  10. The drink stat information looks off for the new drinks. It's currently showing max stamina, health, and food poisoning instead of water, stamina and dysentery. Also, it sounds like chewing when using. It can be fixed with these changes: from: <property name="DisplayType" value="food"/> <property name="Sound_start" value="player_eating"/> to: <property name="DisplayType" value="water"/> <property name="Sound_start" value="player_drinking"/>
  11. Thanks! I'll try that. Edit: Verified snow biome had a lot of tungsten near bedrock. It would be handy to have this information in the mining journal entry.
  12. Can tungsten be found while mining? If so, where? I haven't found any deposits yet in desert or forest biomes, except in those pyramid-shaped collections at the surface.
  13. If the workbench doesn't allow you to do it, check the other stations. Maybe it's the gun smithing station. Edit: Confirmed gun smithing workstation
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