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  1. I'm glad to see you're interested in the idea! To elaborate a bit, I envisioned it as a vehicle rather than an article of clothing, though it could really be either. It might be better as clothing in the end since it would require you to pick either armor or mobility. In any case, I think a mod to add pockets would be a welcome addition to it, as well as maybe a "double density" sort of mod, where you can craft a second set of gliding wings to it, to slow your descent further, thus allowing you to glide further than would be otherwise possible, at the cost of even more feathers, adhesive, wood
  2. As a suggestion, I'd like to see more practical use for collecting exorbitant amounts of feathers. While they are rather hard to come by early on and used to craft arrows almost exclusively, I find most of the bows obsolete once I am only a few days in and end up having upwards of a couple hundred of them, rendering the crafting of large amounts of arrows more or less useless in the long run and with it, feather collection. Additionally, they are only otherwise good for the puffer coat which is a fairly common drop, and unless I am hurting for currency, I have no use to craft more than one any
  3. I really like this idea, the early game is a major struggle for survival and it becomes a hassle prioritizing either combat or survivability skills, especially given how slow EXP gain can be when first getting established and lack of said skills. If among my many deaths I could at least come out on top with my weapon proficiency it would be a lot easier to get on my feet and progress rather than die repeatedly and struggle to get back to where I was before the previous death. I think the skill system is better suited for actual skills rather than something that requires practice and proficienc
  4. Thanks for that, that's actually a pretty interesting idea! While this does more or less solve my problem, I still like the idea of being able to draw on the map and share with friendlies, for a more visual way of communicating, not just for "X"ing off previously visited POIs. This trick would work beautifully in a solo map though, and I will keep it in mind next time there's a major update and I need to restart. Thanks again!
  5. I apologize if it's been said already, I am not too active and mostly lurk the forums on an infrequent basis, but I have a suggestion I've been thinking about for a while. Would there be any way to make markings on your map without tagging locations? I can't think of how much time I've wasted searching for buildings or POIs I've already searched. If I could "X" them out with a pen or something it would be a major time saver. I know the game puts a big focus on exploration, but if there's a map system, it seems fair that I should be able to pen small notes to myself about places I'd like to
  6. So for vehicle mods, what kind of stuff does that entail? I have a few suggestions in that regard: Nitrous canisters, filled via reaction with nitrate powder in the chemistry station (used as a fuel booster straight from the canister which has a quality and degradation based on fill level. Could also be used as a drug for short term negation of stun effects perhaps, though painkillers already more or less fill that spot in the game.) Heavier armor for better physical impacts for less consequential damage to the vehicle Tuned or upgraded engines for better fuel economy Cosmetic l
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