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  1. The command does not work at all. I tried using it to lower the FOV to 40 or 50, but nothing ever happens. Also, I debunked your statement about FOV cap limiting cheating and seeing underground. See the video in this thread
  2. Well, a lot of us just play single player and have no worries about some cheater looking underground. Can we at least enable a wider FOV in single player and just disable it in server configs and client configs when connected to a server? Or, you know, maybe just enable it regardless of SP or MP and let admins get rid of cheaters like they always have? That way you're not making a lot of people stop playing because the FOV setting literally makes them queasy?
  3. I see they finally added a FOV that people have been asking for for years. One problem, it's capped at 85 which makes me ill. And the fov console command no longer works. It was a pain in the ass because you had to activate it every time you played, but at least it was a work-around. So is there a new console command for the FOV?
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