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  1. Sorry guys I've been away for a while. Here's a new upload link. https://gofile.io/d/qobG5A
  2. Just a heads-up, changing forum software won't likely change any networking issues. The tracert I posted shows problems hopping around AWS servers. If you're hosted on Amazon servers, you might want to see if they're having issues with traffic to SW USA or as a whole. I know sometimes certain hosts and DNS providers only show signs of trouble when routing through certain networks like Level 3.
  3. Site taking like 90 seconds to initially load the forum homepage. Was IPB with ridiculous colors a few days ago. Now back to vBulletin. WTF is going on? Did this site catch COVID-19 and is coughing up errors and having trouble breathing?
  4. Yeah, if you don't like bears climbing to the top of your base and shooting you with an AK, this mod is not for you. J/K though. I just threw that in there to see if anyone would actually read the features. Everything else is legit.
  5. You can literally run away from BM hordes on foot without any beer or stamina boosters and once you get far enough away from where they spawned, they despawn or just stop pursuing you altogether. Using a vehicle makes it a 10 second escape. Or you can just get on the roof of a brick/concrete building and knock out stairs/ladders and just afk the whole night, even on high gamestage blood moons.
  6. https://forums.7daystodie.com/forum/-7-days-to-die-pc/game-modification/mods/1722024-mephistopheles-mod-overhaul-to-make-the-game-more-fun My mod fixes this, amongst a lot of other common complaints.
  7. Are you 6? Is this your first time on the internet? Grats on necroing a 6 year old thread. JFC
  8. Download the .rar pack from https://gofile.io/d/qobG5A Unpack and upload the 10 files into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Config Delete old saves and start a new RWG game if you would like to incorporate all the great changes to the RWG that I've modded in. Here's a summary of the changes and improvements. I've been tweaking these settings for 3 weeks and have gotten everything dialed in to provide what I feel is a MUCH more enjoyable experience. Feel free to make even more changes or undo what I have done to suit your own tastes, and I'd love to hear your feedback so tell me what you like or make suggestions for other changes if you'd like. Terrain is more natural and flowing. No more abrupt steep elevation changes that make roads and terrain impassable. More rolling hills instead of tall spires and cliff walls. Weather effects are less harsh. More traders, and better buy/sell prices. Skyscrapers added back to cities. Much more diverse POI's. More friendly animals to hunt. All animals give more xp and drop more harvest materials. Rotting flesh more plentiful, particularly in grills and in gore blocks on roads. Bears can climb ladders and carry weapons. Starting quest gives 10 skill points. Get 2 skill points per level instead of 1. Quests give more xp and coins. Radiated and Feral Zeds drop more yellow loot bags. Wasteland and Burnt Forest rare or non-existent. Now replaced with more Forest, Snow, and Desert. Vehicles travel faster and do not require holding Sprint for turbo.
  9. Speaking of bandits, could you please relay to TFP that the bandits in Mist: Survival would be a good example of Shooting/Aiming NPC AI done right? It has it quirks and is primarily a one-man dev team, but the way bandits behave in that game are excellent IMO and something that should at least be looked at by TFP when looking for benchmarks for EA/Kickstarter/Indie game development. In particular, when a bandit sees or hears you, a visual icon pops up over the bandit's head, giving you instant feedback on if your stealth is compromised. I also really like how they have very diverse and unpredictable patrol patterns, and their aiming and shooting is good and challenging (especially snipers) but not impossible to counter. I would just hate if, after all these years, we get bandits in 7d2d, but they're Terminator Aimbots that never miss, or if they're just so simple that defeating them is no challenge at all.
  10. So why is it limited to T5 when all the T6 code is there in the xmls? (Asking the devs here, assuming you've not seen them already comment on this.)
  11. Since tiered quests became a thing, I've NEVER ever actually been able to find a Tier 6 quest challenge anywhere. Have done hundreds of T5 quests, got the achievement saying Tier 5 complete, still continued doing lots of T5 quests, but I've never seen a T6 quest. I know they're supposed to exist because of all of the T6 stuff in quests.xml, but I see no comments in the code anywhere about T6 being disabled or unavailable.
  12. The whole time the slider was disabled, you could manually set it to w/e you wanted. Now you can't since they added the slider back. They should enable w/e settings we want on SP games. PERIOD.
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