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  1. The problem is that path is not natural, it is a exploit or weakness in the ai that should not be there and every player online depend on it to survive. I say give the zombies a means to climb out of the moat and see what happens.
  2. Not if those zombies can break your 256 block building before getting to the top, but i do get your point people will always try to jump over where the fence is lowest. We just have to help the developers to make sure the fence has no weaknesses or low points to jump over and i have seen how climbing/jumping completely transform the way people build their bases, it's not a means to an end but its a step in the right direction. Gentlemen, if you can trap or freeze your enemy its no longer a survival game, or a good one at least.
  3. I knew someone would post about simply not using it, but i do not play singleplayer, i play online where you do not have such options what others do with their buildings. It heavily effect my online experience when others cheat death and i try to find a server that just survive, but most use these moat buildings in reality. I still believe in teamwork for this game i just want a true survival experience without cutting corners.
  4. You did read that i mentioned climbing right, that means they can climb up on any surface including doors and everything else, if you somehow prevent themfrom climbing up a entrance they will destroy whatever your building is resting on, nothing should be indestructible if your under a blood moon. My point is you have to rebuild most of your base before every single bloodmoon, otherwise the game is just a laugh. As it is now you don't even need a team or a fancy construction, i survived several bloodmoons just in a normal house, it's too easy.
  5. When the game came out people were constantly struggling to survive and barely holding it, this is how the game was meant to be played, then some smartass found a way to exploit the AI and of course youtubers and streamers help spread the dirt for their own gains, and ever since it has not been a survival game, we see pyramids and moats all over built to exploit the weakness in the ai, i propose we do the same they did with conan when people did that, we evolve the ai. And the way to do this is make them able to climb fast and also jump enough for them to never be trapped or stuck
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