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  1. My hope is still High for this game. But in the mean time iā€™m playing it almost every day, and been doing so for around 3 years. For me and my friends it works perfectly 98% of the time (on ps4). We still have a lot of fun and happy with the current version. That Said we offcourse would love an update with new features and hopefully new ai.
  2. Thanks knowing its there is enough. šŸ˜‰ Just went to the mountain town in the wasteland which has a prison yesterday. Dogs everywhere.
  3. Thanks Jon. Do you have an overview of which of the other new POIs are on the seed? I just Got my minibike so as soon as i have time i will take a drive and see what i Can find. I have almost rebuild the prison, with a funnel system leading to a drop pit.
  4. Jon Dillinger i've tried to catch you in other threads aswell sadly with No luck, so i'm trying again. šŸ˜‰ Do you have any info on poi's etc on AnthonyWright380 because i'm playing and quite like it. I have found 1 trader near the town on the mountain with the prison and the town with the Well. I think i remember you saying there are 10 towns, i'm looking forward to Explorer them just haven't had the chance yet. Rebuilding the prison takes time.
  5. Crackpot Texas reviewed this map, he found 11 traders. Here is a link to his vid:
  6. Sylen i was wondering if it would be posible to make it so we could "share" a save. So the save was hosted by the player first online. Its hard to explain for me so i will give an example. Me and a friend plays a save together, with me as the host. He would love to continue playing when i'm not on. If we could somehow share the save he could host the game when he was on first and when i was on first i could host the save. That way we both could play when we are on and not only when i am on. Would that be technically posible at all?
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