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  1. Hi, I passionately stream your Ravenhearst Mod and I'm a fan of it. Nice job guys. But unfortunately I have to report a bad bug. The bite Bug. I had a bite wound that could not be healed and after a suicide in which I had tried to solve the problem by suicide, the following happened. When I took up my backpack after I died, the bite wound was back. When I unpacked the inventory completely, the bite wound was gone. Unfortunately, the bite wound bug cannot be attached to an object, it seems to have to do with a total amount of objects. From a conscience amount of absorbed objects the bit
  2. You cam Find me on Today 19:00 this evening
  3. Hi, I want to introduce the mod to many players and bring them closer. From today we will stream the mod and introduce it to our community to make it more popular. Im looking forward to it. Greetings Asrac
  4. @Katlima Yeah, i´m Asrac Carsa in Youtube whit a let´s play whit Valcry together on this lovable Mod from 7D2D. @Mortelentus "Xyth proposed a interesting compromise. Let the farmer autoupgrade the box as long as there are snow balls available?" That is an great Idear. sounds good
  5. Farmer Bug Please repair the Farmer Bug. Sie dont work, when the Box is not Update to Ice Box. And the Ice box down in view minutes to normal box. So the farmer stop working again.
  6. What's going on with the horde every seven days? What's going on with the horde every seven days? In the Alpha15 Starvation Mod I had demons, stone crusher, radioactive spiders and scoprione. There is nothing more in the Alpha16 Stavation Mod. Where did the monsters go on Horde Night? Please dear programmers give us the night of the hordes again with all the monsters as in the Alpha 15.... Please. Greetings Asrac
  7. Extreme bug Hi Guys, Your mod is so beautiful. But I ask for help with a bad bug. I have 2 NPC guards, one of them has another SMG gun. Sometimes when zombies come and the guards shoot, the console opens up. I can not get out of the console and it just helps to close the game. Please check that and I hope in the next update this bug will be fixed. Thanks and again great work with the mod. Greetings asrac
  8. Helping Hi, Upgrade the Farmbox with Ice. That helps to do the Farmer his job.
  9. Farmer Bug? Hello I have a Probelm. The farmer does not work. When the first activation of the Famerin, the console opens with an error message. afterwards one comes into the menu of the farmer without any misfortune but she does nothing more. The error message is: ArgumentException: Getting control 2´s position in a group with only 2 controls when doing Repaint Aborting ArgumentException: Getting control 0´s position in a group with only 0 controls when doing Repaint Aborting Is the problem known? What can i do? Greetings Asrac
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