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  1. My argument are just the facts, there is no black zombies or strong females and some of them are sexualized because this is true happening. Opinions are something different, like you dont wanna see black zombies or strong females or you dont think the game needs that. So you can disagree with my opinion but not the facts. Do you know that black is black right? not grey or something else. Go to character creation and there you can see real black. I think who doesnt play the game is you, or you live in a different dimension where you think grey ppl exists and they are black.
  2. I'm not black but I can still understand that there isn't even a black zombie in the game. I am not a woman and I can understand that all female zombie in the game were created to be weak or sexualized. Its a game, but im a real person, if you are mind blinded by a game, im sorry for you.. All i said was my opinion, i wanted to see things different because its a zombie apocalypse game based in a real world, real state. But kids are always going to be kids, thats not changing. I hope the ppl who matters to the game, see this and do something about it, just it.
  3. This forum is so full of kids, old kids.. but im glad im still have my arguments and some of you just wanna make fun with it, maybe you're all just kids playing a game, idk
  4. Agreed.. The ambience of the game is like years post zombie apocalypse, so they should be a lot more decayed to make sense with that cuz even zombies being fictional, human bodies arent..
  5. Yeah, but just to be clear, when i said female zombies are weak and sexualized, what i mean is of all female zombies, all of them are weak, and some of them are sexualized.
  6. I dont think so, cuz this occurs since A15 when a lot of zombies were added to the game, and of all of them, none was non-white or non-weak females. They added the hungry female in A15 i guess, but like i said, shes not "special" she just have more health points because she is "fat"..
  7. Are you playing the same game as i am? Its not about having 1 or 2 weak males, it is about we only have a single special female that isn't even strong: the screamer, one shoot shes dead.. Fat female is a little strong just having more health points, but shes not like the havaians, soldiers, fat police officer, spider, demolisher, feral zombie, biker, frozen lumberjack.. You see what I mean? All of the strongest zombies are male.. Still nurse zombie is more like a stripper too..
  8. @madmole yes, this is a criticism... Who is the guy who design the zombies? Why is it that all we have are mostly white zombies, strong males, weak and/or sexualized females.. There are a lot of zombies but only the screamer is "correct" and theres's one asian and the hungry female.. I mean, come on, I know its a game but let do this in a good way....
  9. Any plans for changing the current spawn to random again in Navezgane?
  10. Oh, thank you so much!! What about adding an option to players to choose if they want to see the enemies health bars? I mean, we could see it in devs streams... It would be so helpful sometimes
  11. Did i got this wrong? I cant see hunger and thrist bars unless i go to my character... "Integrated Survival System Hunger and thirst bars returned to main play screen"
  12. i cant like random gen cuz its always bugged and for me Navezgane looks way better without those crazy big roads that random gen does have
  13. While we wait, which gameplay is your style guys? Are you a looter, a crafting or a pvp player? I'm all for pve, so crafting building and looting everywhere, killing zombies is my passion.
  14. They told me every like in this comment is one hour less for A19 launch.
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