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  1. I'm sure I am not the only one who thinks the amount of stone and bone tools is not only unnecessary, but also very very unrealistic. I mean the it is now there are hundreds of people who built stone tools. It is just annoying. I am really not a fan of this loot-based-on-day system. Maybe you already overthought this, but I didn't read it in the last update-notes.

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  2. I see, makes more sence now.


    Sorry. Didn't get why there was confusion^^



    Another question regarding previous posts: How does the spawning.xml work? Does it just spawn for your game? I would think that you need a spawning.xml for every game you are playing. Or does that not matter at all because it is spawning for you only. No. That doesn't make sense either. couldn't find the file on server config though. Just in my game folder.

  3. Yes. You are right. And I am aware of that. It is one of the most annoying features of the game but in a way one of the most realistic ones too. I love it personally and I am using at least the first perk level of thist because it usually takes a lot of time advancing to a state where you can get no moving penalties for a full inventory. Finding the books and/or the the bags takes a lot of time. But I love it because it should be realistic.

  4. I just wrote down what bothers me and what runs through my mind thinking about the current game. I don't even bother complaining about missing optimization and jump right to the things I feel could be different or are missing. Please let me know what you guys think.


    I am craving the old skill system. Learning by doing. It is much more interactive and suits you no matter how you playstyle is. This one just restricts you.


    For example: I am loving to play melee knife killer and hunter. I like to be fast and agile. I specialize in roaming the wilderness searching for treasures, exploring new locations and hunting treasures, animals and quests. For an ideal skilling I need 10 points in Fortitude And Agility for light armour, suvivability and of course my knife skills and faster slashes. I need to put points in perception if I want to be good at finding animals and treasures. I need to put points in Strength because everybody needs Pack Mule and every Melee fighter needs Sexual Tyrannosaurus. And I need to put full 16 points in Intelligence for Quests and for Bartering to be even effective for the team. It is nearly impossible to specialize.


    Also: Katanas and swords. You could find them in a Theater as probs, in museums or as a special and rare decoration above a fireplace or something. Of course a book series featuring bladed weapons would be very nice as well.


    Also: The values of explosives (Arrows, Grenates etc) should depend on the person with explosive skills, who builds them. If I observed correctly it depends on the skill you have with one specific weapon, which doesn't make sense for the explosion per se.


    Also: Gameplay was much more diverse without the houses as dungeons. I am not saying you should get rid of ther dungeons, BUT it is always the same. You follow a specific pattern and a labyrinth-like way through EVERY building. Even very small ones. Firstly it doesn't make sense that every citizen throuout the world had the time to build a complex defense system like that and secondly it is boring after a while. Maybe just include SOME of the old houses so it gives you something unexpected while looting. Big hordes of zombies could appear in more than the final loot room or even instead of there. In fact there doesn't have to be a final loot room like that at all. It seems so extremely constructed and not life-like.


    Also: I wish there were more and even more important BIGGER hordes striding through the world. That includes wolf packs and even deer herds. Maybe you think it is too easy to get to meat this way but especially in the early stages this is very hard to manage. Just think about the confusion a scattering deer herd would bring or the danger of a pack of 4 or more wolves.


    Also: Did you consider doing more naval stuff? Boats and rafts for example or diving equipment?! It would open possibilities. Just saying. Like bulding ferries instead of bridges where you need to cross a wide river. Or junk treasures under water. Not unlikely in a city with a river running through it. There could even be some naval infected species like beavers or the possibility to fish.



    At last I HAVE to mention the physics for all my teammates and me. It is nearly impossible at times to predict which constuctions will be stable and which are not. And when something collapses you are screwed with you current planning, because it is not comprehensible which part of the construction is causing the instability. You basicly have to leave the part of the construction alone and try something else. Reinforching doesn't work most of the time, taking anything away let's it collapse more and more even if it is only a couch or something similarily unsupporting. I think many people would do happy backflips if the pimps would revisit this issue.



    Okay. I think I am done. Please comment. Am I talking BS? Have you similar thoughts or even more suggestions to the current state?


    Let me know.






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  5. Is this for real? How many times will you guys change the perks from here to there and back again before you realize that you already had the perfect system that built on learning-by-doing?! This is totally annoying. Nobody can really do, what they'd like to, because specialization is predefined.

  6. Sounds very nice. I love the Book System as it is right now.

    But I really wished you would consider going back to the Learning-by-Doing Perk Tree, because it feels very unnatural the way it is right now. The way it is built you can specialize the way it is designed, but not the way you'd like to. For example: I am specializing in roaming around. I hunt, gather, do quests and trade. My weapons are bow and knife. So far so good. You can specialize in that with the same perk tree. But what about the looking for animals? Its in Perception. What about the better use of knife? I skill strength for the Sexual Tyrannosaurus only. And trading is in the Intellect tree. I can't put a good skill set together. The way it was before you had to use certain tools/ weopons/ skills to further enhance them. I could barter and get the chance to get better at it. I could fight with knife and got better at that. I COULD hunt animals that way and maybe get better at finding and gutting them?!

    The way it is now, you just decide which Attribute you want, which suites you best. And then go nuts within the specific perk tree. It's like every ARPG ever created. Come with me to the learning-by-doing side! We don't have cookies yet, but if I try and make them, they WILL eventually be veeery tasty!

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