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  1. Thank you. It's good to here they are being worked on. I don't know if this means I'm a pyromaniac or anything but I love playing with the fire effects in Far Cry. But they can't really destroy the world like yours does. Makes for a more interesting and challenging game mechanic if your base can burn down. I haven't used SDX yet for A17 but if you got the display cases already I think I will get it going again. Have a good holiday.
  2. Have/Will you be releasing you Halfire or display case mods?
  3. One things that kinda bothers me is that the Advanced Workbench is a table with paints and drawings on them but the Decor Station is a lathe. Shouldn't it be the other way around? I guess if I had to choose I make the advanced workbench a CNC router. I would totally grab one of those in a real apocalypse. Also the Advanced Forge is a weird tribal stone statue thing. I was kinda expecting a modern looking forge with a steel box oven with big door. The Blacksmith Station is weirdly too large too.
  4. Yeah I hit those up. I am just wondering if there are more POIs out there that I pass all the time like I did those blue houses with twin peak roofs. Those are ammo/weapon gold mines. I found a city with a 8 story tall office building that had a lot of desk but nothing great in it compared to those hoses. There was a bank in there but it would take forever to get thru the safe with 2 (or more?) layers of 10000 hp blocks.
  5. Where's the best place to find info on the POIs? I watch Gamef4Kicks and he showed off a couple of houses that I had in my base town that had great loot in them and I didn't even know. I need more of this now. Is there a list of the new POIs with maybe hints to their best features?
  6. I made a blacksmith hammer in the advanced forge but I was certain I looked in there to see if I could at first. Then I looked up a few other things in other stations and a couple of times the item that was suppose to be craftable there did not show up as it was. When I closed the menu and went back it was there ready. Anyone else have this issue?
  7. I can find calipers no problem. I use the search all the time and didn't see where it could be crafted from. I have an advanced forge and must have missed it in there. Some of the items have where it can be crafted in parenthesis, the blacksmith hammer does not. Awesome! Then I can't wait for 3.0. I do like the fact that I am not getting a over surplus of pistols. That seems to be reasonable now.
  8. Maybe....yes I am. I have played co-op but this just seems to take longer than usual to get anywhere. Maybe I'm just having bad luck on this run.
  9. I started playing this mod and liking it for the most part. I'm in day 50 now and started using the space needle for a base. I really like the amount and variety of the zombies and the RWG is refreshing. I got real exited when I saw the first electrical worker. I just got the Famas together which is the first non vanilla gun I put together. I cant wait together the others. I have never played a mod where the actual skins and sound effects are different. The combat axe is now my go to melee. But I found myself getting stuck at certain points grinding to make the game progress. I had to chan
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