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  1. Noice! I drove from Dallas TX to my home Tempe AZ yesterday and that looks very much like the scenery I saw on the way there. You guys are perfectionist. My big gripe with A17 RWG is the terrible road pathing. I think I saw you mentioning that A18 had been getting better on that end, but can you tell us how? Like can we at least expect to now see any 90 degree walls going down the road? I kinda liked the A16 way the RWG roads were made.
  2. Wait so those hills/mountians was created in the RWG, not Navezgane?
  3. But if you had to actually fight zombies it would be a perfect weapon that has a long reach and doesn't use ammo.
  4. Finally I can spear surrendering soldiers while my queen goes mad and burns the POIs around me.
  5. Thank you. It's good to here they are being worked on. I don't know if this means I'm a pyromaniac or anything but I love playing with the fire effects in Far Cry. But they can't really destroy the world like yours does. Makes for a more interesting and challenging game mechanic if your base can burn down. I haven't used SDX yet for A17 but if you got the display cases already I think I will get it going again. Have a good holiday.
  6. I like the way it is now. Both are two steps. The way you want it is you hold a use button then select what item to use, which seems to open up more room for errors like eating broken glass. The way it is now you select the item and then you use it, if you eat broken glass then, well you had a chance to change your decision but you didn't. Your way is not any quicker or smoother just riskier.
  7. Wait, is that bayonet going to be an attachment too?
  8. "You can't see me.... BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM!!!" LOL I was just thinking how awesome a ghillie suit would be in 7D2D. You read my mind. Hopefully it raises stealth while the M60 lowers it.
  9. Have/Will you be releasing you Halfire or display case mods?
  10. By default it is "A". I believe you can remap it now tho.
  11. One barrel or part could be used for several different guns or mods. One schematic can only be used once to build one particular item. I'm just noticing I am getting another storage crate full of schematics where in A16 that crate would have been full of gun parts. You solved one issue to only replace it with a similar one.
  12. When it comes to the topic of gun parts and the A17 system, I don't miss the gun parts but I'm not a big fan of the schematics either. I would like the see the ability to make guns and mods a perk that you can use anytime as long as you have the parts and perk. But make some new parts that are needed that can work in a few guns/mods, like the vehicles are now with engines and batteries. Like a gun barrel will be needed to make any of the guns but be hard to find. Or you need a battery to make lights, lasers, and sights but they are scavenged from lamps and small electronics and found as often as car batteries. Lock these rare parts behinds Lucky Looter and lock the mods behind individual categories instead of tears. So one perk could be the ability to craft all scopes another to craft all armor storage mods. Maybe this was mentioned before and I didn't see it but I feel like this would be a realistic and less chaotic was to build guns and mods. Also add a semi-auto shotgun like a Spas-12 or AA-12 please.
  13. Use them as a crafting part for attachment lights for weapons and clothes. Electrical parts make more sense for repair.
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