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  1. So the patch notes say -Ai rage console command But you don't say what that command is and what it does, care on enlightening us? Is it a command to turn zombie raging off completely?
  2. As stated previously in the thread, it's not necessarily about how easy or not easy it is to deal with rage mode. Some of us prefer walking zombies for immersion.
  3. I'll chime in here too and say that I would love an option to turn off rage mode that isn't tied to difficulty as well. We already have an option to turn off running zombies completely, and when I turn that on it means I don't want running zombies at all. I prefer the classic walking zombies like others have mentioned as well but sometimes I might want to up the difficulty of the game so providing an option to turn off rage mode would be nice. Or perhaps instead of having it coupled with the game difficulty, couple it with the option of running zombies instead, that way if we have running zombies turned off we won't have rage mode either. Also, telling people to fiddle with the xml files if they don't like something isn't really a good solution either, I don't know what I'm doing when messing with those files, we aren't all programmers so some of use don't want to be messing with things we don't know how to use. I seriously do feel like the staff really has a condescending tone and overall not friendly demeanor to people when they bring up ideas like this that makes me feel like you all are just upset that some people don't like a new feature. Perhaps that's not how you mean to come across but that is how I feel and by reading comments, it's how some other people feel also. We are asking in a nice and polite way, providing our opinions and feedback of a feature that we don't like for reasons that have no bearing on the game's difficulty, and you guys just simply tell us, 'well go play easy mode then or get gud'. If you guys keep coming off that way then you'll eventually see people not providing opinions or feedback anymore and just dropping the game entirely because of the attitude we are met with whenever we do speak up about something we dislike.
  4. Yea I understand that changes are still being made all the time and I do agree that the running in circles things was a problem that needed fixing....I did state that a16 zombies weren't entirely perfect, they needed work. I'm also not going to absolutely not give a18 a chance cause I will and I do hope that it becomes fun again cause I'm not the only one who feels that a17 was just not fun, Gamesforkickz is a diehard 7 days fan and even he found a17 to not be fun at all because of the zombie AI and the way the perk system was. And that is the gist of it though, you have to balance fun vs reality in games and it isn't always an easy thing but fun ultimately does have to win out over anything else and it does seem like they are listening to what people were saying so I'm holding out some hope still cause I did really enjoy this game before.
  5. SylenThunder on the Steam forums has stated it a few times over there that the zombie AI was a test for upcoming bandits. I get that they probably aren't a member of the TFP team working on the game but they are the forum moderator over there who takes care of posting game updates on the forums and answering people's questions about game development, so you'd think they'd know what they were talking about and not be spreading misinformation? That's why I came here though to inquire and regardless of what they are doing with the AI though, like I said, it would be nice if they would give us the option to have super smart AI or to turn it off, or even have it linked to the game difficulty so that if you play on the harder difficulties then you get smarter zombies that way people can customize the game how they like...which is what they already seem to be trying so hard to offer. Thank you for posting but I do know how the alpha's work, I've been playing the game since like Alpha 13 so I am aware that everything they are doing is a constant work in progress and likely doesn't totally reflect the finished product, but we can sort of tell what direction they seem to want to go in by the progress they have been doing and so far from what I've seen with a17 I'm not liking it. I'm not really a fan of the dungeon POI's, nor have I been a fan of the sleepers from the beginning. I am aware though that a lot of things likely changed from a17 so like I said, I'll see what changes have been done by checking out the streamers this weekend. I do like it though that the POI spawning has been reworked so that small poi's have higher chances of having less or no sleepers. I find that sleepers are one of the things that impact performance for me a lot. I'd personally like to see that non dungeon POI's have no sleepers at all and then dungeon POI's be where you have lots of sleepers since they are suppose to be harder and give the bigger, better rewards, and only have a few dungeons per town. Things do seem to be leaning more towards that sort of thing from what I read in the patch notes though so I'm glad for that. I'm still in the mind though that a16 was great the way it was and the game just needed performance tweaks and AI bug fixing to be perfect but they then decided to go in a completely different direction which is a shame in my opinion and plenty of people felt the same way. I would just play a16 again but it just doesn't play well on my system so I just have to wait and see if a18 actually brings some of the fun that a16 had back in the game.
  6. It's not really the difficulty of countering that bothers me about the AI, it's the realism. In my opinion a zombie, when it sees you, should beeline for you and yes, destroy everything it it's path to get to you, it shouldn't have the brain power at all to say, find the simplest path to get to you. Like if the simplest path is to go around the building and up a ramp to where you're standing, a zombie wouldn't and shouldn't know that unless they are coming from that side of the building, see the path and go up the ramp because it's in their path. That's what I don't like, and what I wish they would change back or offer the ability for us to turn off because I prefer the classic zombie. I personally thought A16 AI was pretty close to perfect, it just needed the small bug tweaks to solve the running in circles. But I'll wait and see what things are like by watching the streamers when I can over the weekend and decide if I really care to play this alpha or not. I barely played a17 because the enjoyment just wasn't there for me.
  7. Kinda worried after reading the patch notes. I was hoping they were going to change zombies back to the way they were instead of keeping these new super smart architect zombie AI that was introduced in A17. I read multiple times that they were just testing that AI for the bandits that will eventually come into the game so I was hoping they would be done testing that and change things back with the new alpha but nothing has been listed really about zombie AI. That was one of the things I hated the most about A17 and would like the old zombies back. Or at least give us the option to toggle the zombie AI so that people who like the super smart zombies can keep them. I hope the same option could be given for bandits too when they eventually come because I'd prefer a strictly zombie game. Everything else seems good though.
  8. I wouldn't know how to do any of that, the most I know how to do is changing the xml files so that the probability of grass is low to help with fps lol. I'll probably just stick with your mod since I was just mostly interested in the map layout of The Wild Land mod. Anyway, thanks for replying.
  9. Do you think there will be any potential conflicts between this mod and The Wild Land mod? As far as I know The Wild Land does some biome changes and stuff but I wanted to try both this mod and that one together once A17 isn't being worked on and updated anymore and they've moved onto A18.
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