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  1. Hello again. Is in this game, in configs, any posibility to add 1 item (or change one exist in configs) what can ignore Claim protection and deal Full damage when used? (for example timed charge)
  2. Hi, i have one question. Actually i making server for PVP, now i using one mod what changing Camera in Vechicle cos i not want situation when someone X_raying some field to searching hidding bases. Im nearly the end, cannot do this in Gryocopter, 4x4, Motocycle but...Unfortunatle Cycle, Minibike still have problem. Problem is this little camera back movment when vechicle speed up... There my question. Is possible to Delete this movment? or mayby someone have already setting what delete X-raying? Like see in Screenshot, with Turbo pushing wall, still x-ray... i need to delete this mov
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