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  1. [video=youtube;uQbs4-u-x5M] Lightning is making a fiery entrance this Friday the 10th!
  2. There's a few tricks up the sleeve to achieve Summons / Companions / Minions without requiring this. They'll, of course, have a "mind of their own", but it works perfectly if "directly controllable AI" isn't the focus. We'll see what A18+ has in store to expand this even further. Elemental Enemies are coming soon after Lightning: The Awakened These will be vanilla entity variants, imbued with The Elements: Tiers 1-5 + Bosses, they'll possess very nasty and different abilities than walking around mindlessly.
  3. The storm approaches... [video=youtube;-51JsaFcNFE]
  4. Fantasy Mod Fantasy Mod @Lichti is the the developer of Fantasy Mod, which is a fantastic Medieval Fantasy Overhaul of the vanilla game. Sorcery is automatically included with Fantasy Mod to integrate magic into the world, at Lichti's request. I'll be ensuring a full integration of the two (Essence drops where they should be, etc.) very soon here. Once that's done, I'll include more information about the integration of the two... right now, it's a pre-release WIP.
  5. Awesome to hear on both fronts, thank you! Always a pleasure hearing from those enjoying the mod. Much more to come! Absolutely. Thanks for all your help as usual!
  6. Sounds like something is clashing for you. Whether it's RH or one of the other Modlets. There are no recent changes that would trigger an issue in the skill tree. Can you give more information, please: Sorcery version (check console: F1 on startup), Mod Names (other than RH). When did you notice the error and when did you update RH/Sorcery? I know RH was also recently updated.
  7. Stun your foes with the closeup of a lifetime!
  8. This sounds like a vanilla game bug. Spellcast weapons simply use the "catapult" / bow mechanics for shooting and reloading ammo (Spells). This would be directly related to those mechanics, as Sorcery doesn't (nor can) change these mechanics directly to cause this issue. I'll do some thorough testing on P2P and report this directly TFP if I can properly reproduce it. Hi Axynours, this sounds like a graphical / GPU glitch or missing Mod Resources folder. A few things to try: Update to your latest video card drivers Check 7d2d video settings (try max/min both, restart each time) Test the issue with other particle effects (Torch > Burning) Ensure you're using latest game version: 17.2 Reinstall Sorcery Also, your computer specs would help: GPU, CPU, RAM
  9. Hi, yes... this must also be installed locally for the resources. Installation instructions for "Modlet"/manual install can be found on the 1st page of this thread. Can you provide more information or a log of the error(s)? Thanks. FYI: You'll also want to make sure you're installing Sorcery into the Mods folder of the Darkness Falls installation directory VS vanilla.
  10. No probs. YES on the block damage. For the Lightning update, I'm changing all Spells to do decent block damage based on their Charge / Stack level. Additionally, there'll eventually be a Spell Rune that'll add a good amount of Block Damage to Spells. Utility Spells and more Tool Runes are also planned.
  11. I'll look into this prior to the Lightning update. It's very odd some are having the issue and others not. You aren't using a "carried over" save file from RH or elsewhere, are you? If time permits, Spirit may just be added as a standalone Resource VS Dual-Stamina Resource. Again, it's very odd this is affecting some DF players and not others.
  12. @Xylvier your Sorcery is not current, for one reason or another. This is old code that does not work properly. If you look at the current (4 days ago) Sorcery Progression on GitHub, the "LTE 0" lines no longer exist, as they didn't work out. I've raised the version of Sorcery to v0.701 within the Launcher as I suspect this is why the Mod Launcher didn't detect the same-day/hour "fixes"/later update, even with a forced "Update"/Pre-Sync/Reinstall. It'd be helpful if you can confirm this. NOTICE TO ALL SORCERY USERS Acknowledge the <1 KB Sorcery Update within the Mod Launcher, whether you think you have the latest or not. If the Update is not showing for you, right-click Sorcery within Manage Modlets and Update. Otherwise, if playing Sorcery vanilla: Pre-Sync Mod on Sorcery directly. This is v0.7 with no additional changes, other than the version to help the Mod Launcher push updates through: v0.701. As Xylvier discovered, it's possible some people do not have the latest version/fixes for Sorcery, contrary to having "v0.7" installed.
  13. It *should* be working in non-experimental / 17.2 DF too, I know there's a hand full of people playing both. Maybe that's where the mention of the UI not reflecting the Stamina change came in. If that's the case, the Character Stats UI may show it. DF Experimental is the next major release of DF, which Sorcery is fully compatible.
  14. I tested before posting and it's working with DF Experimental and latest Sorcery v0.7. Have you updated to the latest version? Using other mods?
  15. Spirit works with Darkness Falls; It only activates while you're wielding a Spellcast weapon Spirit Resource Spirit is your available Spellcasting Stamina. When a Spellcast weapon is equipped, Stamina is immediately affected by Spirit benefits, such as: Spirit Regen, Spirit Max and the Sorcery Attribute. These benefits are lost temporarily when switching to a weapon, tool or item other than a Spellcast. Additionally, all Spirit effects are disabled while Spellcasting or Channeling any spells or abilities. This is to maintain balance with Stamina as a separate resource. Stamina is still very important for obvious reasons.
  16. Update / Feature Freeze Alrighty guys and gals, we're on an official feature/update freeze until the much anticipated Lightning Update. I gave this a couple days since the v0.7 release to ensure no unwanted surprises popped up. This freeze is needed to focus 100% on finishing Lightning. If all continues going well, Lightning will be released within the first week of May! "As prophecy and The Elders foretell, Arlene will be leading The Awakened in an assault against us... harvest that Essence and prepare for unspeakable encounters! The Awakened are not to be trifled with... such arrogant ignorance will be welcomed by Death itself." The Awakened Essence infused entities imbued with the very elements. As with Essence itself, The Awakened have evolved into many forms and are increasingly capable with each evolution. The most evolved of The Awakened can be... catastrophically deadly and should be approached with utmost caution and preparedness.
  17. I personally enjoy starting new worlds frequently, as well... keeps it fresh and exciting! "Refresh Mods Automatically" is the option, yes, but to be safe I always recommend a "Pre-Sync Mod" directly on Sorcery in the Launcher (if using only Sorcery) to be safe. Otherwise, if using Sorcery with an overhaul like Ravenhearst or Darkness Falls, go to that mod in the Launcher: Manage Modlets > Sorcery > Update
  18. To be safe, I'd recommend an uninstall and reinstall of Sorcery (without loading back into the game), then revert to your original backup save. You could then optionally give yourself the missing levels: F1 > dm > giveselfxp 9999 Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. I'll keep a look out for any similar issues.
  19. Hey Seeker, the only other time I've seen this problem happen is if a Sorcery save is loaded without Sorcery, even if only briefly. Not sure if that's a possibility for your situation, but this is the only report of the problem. The latest update v0.7 does not alter or remove skills in any way that would cause a reset.
  20. Thanks for the clarification on this, Khaine.
  21. That's a strange new one, guessing it's isolated. I hear DF Experimental is a nice improvement.
  22. I consider Localization 100% mandatory for Sorcery, as without in-game text it's nearly impossible to play. Luckily, DF Experimental will handle your Localization installation automatically when running the game with Sorcery. So too, will Ravenhearst 5.2 when it's released. If you're not playing with DF Experimental, you will be required with every update of Sorcery / DF to also re-add the Sorcery Localization.txt contents into the end of the DF Localization.txt file... a PITA, for sure. That's why Khaine and the RH team are including the Automatic Localization Handling, going forward.
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