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  1. I know the TFPs try to offer some guidance, but could someone walk me thru the procedures for sharing quests and POI markings in multiplayer? I mark POIs and mineral deposits. Would be nice if my son could see them (and I could see those he marks).
  2. Personal play style most important factor in game enjoyment. I personally don't stick to one skill tree. Might not be the most efficient way to build character, but I find it's the most fun. I use sledgehammer in very early game, but recently have found myself leveling up club skills for long term. Like Master Chef 2 or so; along with found recipes reduces hunger stress. Int for forge quickly. Sex-rex at moderate rate of leveling to alleviate all kinds of stamina issues. Bicycle in first few days, sometimes skip motorbike for Motorcycle according to how parts fall and what traders offer. I sca
  3. I don't mind start game. I run around to find makings for tutorial; rarely have to punch rocks/trees with bare hands. I can live with stone tools, but look forward to TFP progression with gamestage leveling. Would love random OMG find in early loot, tho'. That adrenaline rush keeps me hyped for a while and gives me hope..... Overall I'm happy with the direction TFP taking game and impressed with their dedication, imagination and coding skills. It's all magic to me...... I voted Option 3.
  4. as long as no one gets close enough to the containers to reset the loot respawn timer. Cheesy workaround (which I use feeling no guilt whatsoever) is to empty loot container, then place something in it (fiber, stone, etc). Then you can pass close to it for the next 5 days (or whatever) and then open container, harvest fiber, harvest container again and there will be new loot spawn. Sometimes I have to harvest more than once after getting "placeholder" out.... Wonder how long until TFP make this go away?
  5. Game quit unexpectedly. Upon attempting to re-start, after selecting Continue Game, got the following message: "Starting the server failed. Probably another program is already using one of the game ports 26900/TCP, 26900/UDP, 26901/UDP, 26902/UDP)." I deleted saved game (sigh....) and tried New Game. I'm getting same message and can't get past it to play. Help!?! Playing A19 on iMac. Never mind..... The old standby, Restart, fixed problem. 76 years old, I'm losing it.....
  6. I want to be the man my dog thinks I am.
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