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  1. Because that's almost exactly what A16 was? I don't want parts to come back. It was tedious and boring. It wasted too much storage space. It didn't add anything of value to the game. The current system is much better--they did a great job with this change.
  2. I agree. This was my favorite change for A17! I wasted so much storage space with useless parts; it was so tedious! The only thing I miss from A16 is having some skills level from use. It's still one of the less common systems in RPGs, and it makes growth feel more natural. I wish there were a middleground between the A16 and A17 skill trees, because there's a lot I like about the new one.
  3. I just noticed speed-climbing ladders is dead. ):
  4. I thought I'd be the only one who didn't see the point. I've been dumping them in storage and ignoring them.
  5. I could have sworn they ran on horde night regardless. I base running vs not on what I'm playing. If it's SP, I set them to never run so I can keep playing through the night. When I private play with my group, I keep running on at night otherwise it gets to be a bit too easy. But I was expecting them to run on horde night because that's not a go out and explore time, anyway. I've noticed that I've been getting almost nightly, targeted roaming hordes, too. One game day, I had at least 3 of them before noon. I wish there were a setting for the frequency and size of roaming hordes
  6. Does anyone know if it's intended (or a bug) for Zombies Never Run to also apply to 7th nights now? In previous alphas, zombies always ran on the blood moon horde regardless of your choice, but now it's respecting that setting. I don't remember seeing anything about whether it was an intentional change or not.
  7. So far I'm really enjoying Alpha 17--I love the new textures and the quests in particular, and I'm excited to try out the new vehicles when I progress to them. But there are two things that I find very frustrating: 1. I like parts of the new leveling system, but I really wish some of the skills would remain improvable by simply using them. It made me feel like I was working at continuous improvement; like it was natural growth. Using points for everything just feels much slower and as a system, is less unique in comparison to most RPGs. I really loved the way that having some skills pro
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