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  1. Thanks, it's all working now, I can see in the list of installed mods, and I was able to use it. I don't know what was wrong at the first place...
  2. @Ericbeaudoin I installed your mod but it does not come up as installed when I started my game. I placed it in my "mods" folders, along with other mods an it's the only one not working.. I also could not see any error message in the console. Is there anything you could advise I might have done wrong? Thanks! That's nice you should release it, 'd be interested myself
  3. Belenos

    Claymore's Modlets

    @Claymore I love your modlets! can't wait to see the Stainless Steel modlet ported to A19.
  4. Hi Russiandood, when trying to use your grass cutter link I get an http 403 error.
  5. Belenos

    Car Respawning

    Hi Mat1k, would you mind sharing your code? I would be curious to see how you implemented this. Thanks.
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