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  1. There are many of us console users that check the forums but mostly been using FaceBook to keep in touch with people. The forums we run to to ask for help and possibly people to play with. Mostly the forums are used to see updates if any have been brought up. I typically check the forums about once a day, sometimes multiple depending on how active a specific topic might be. Feel free to reach out. You can find my info in my profile here.
  2. Wildfire, thank you for your input here. I wouldn't say it has stopped me from continuing, but it has got me thinking of how to progress. What I am going to do at this time is finalize what work has been done and get that list out to the community. Thanks again Wildfire for the input. Very helpful.
  3. Thank you for the response and input Mrdaferg. That is exactly what I do. I do go in a bit more detail as I find a main road and drive it. As I come across a gravel road I follow it to see what is there. This allows me to make notes about POIs, traders, and what not. My goal is to be able to provide a "High Level" document to the community that has been verified and provides the information like; number of cities, number of towns, number of traders, what biomes are present and which is most prominent. From what I have received as feedback, that will suffice about 85% of the people. There are a few others that would like more information about the seed and want to know the coordinates of the points of interest (POI's). Between those two things, that will suffice about 97% of the questions and people. Yet there are a very select few that want to know how many Crack A Books, Pass N Gas, Pop N Pills, Shotgun Messiah and other POI's there are. This list is more convoluted and requires a lot. I hope to get to this level, but I have tried doing this amount of detail on two seeds. Those two seeds alone took more than a weeks worth of work. Again, thank you for your input. I am doing exactly what you mention. It just takes a lot of time. And I only have what I would say are the "Popular" or "Well Known" seeds. Also, not to mention that people would like a visual map of the seed. I have been in contact with one person that is doing an awesome job trying to get these. A lot of work is going into these, but I also want to see what I can do to help deliver this information out to you all. Instead of requiring you to reach out to me and wait for a response. I encourage anyone that if you are thinking of helping, have questions, or just thinking the concept is cool. Reach out to me please and say something. Even being able to pass positive feedback, improvements, or any kind of input along to the people I am working with goes a very long way. Thank you all. I greatly appreciate it.
  4. Please send me a DM. I could use Great info. Thanks I will add it to the list.
  5. I am still watching this post. Thank you all for continuing to add more seeds and providing more info. I have been going in on the seeds and verifying the information. It is slow going, and very tough to locate the traders. I need to find a better way, but doing what I can as of now. Keep the seeds coming. If anyone needs the list just reach out and I can get you an updated list.
  6. Job well done. That is great work
  7. Great! Would you add me on PSN and send me a message so we can do this? Thanks Skarfayce, I hope that it is helping some people. The next phase of the project will be very helpful, but is also the most time consuming. Thanks again for the positive feedback everyone. Greatly appreciate it.
  8. I'm reaching out to the community here a little to pitch in if possible. I have Phase I of my project done, and working on Phase II a bit. What needs to be done now is to verify seeds. Is there people out there that are willing to reach out to me, get a seed name (or 2), load this up and explore to verify the info of the map? Or if you have played the seed, reach out to me and verify the info? If you can great. I am asking to speed up the process as I am doing this solo and have over 55 seeds to try. So will take time. Thanks, Krow
  9. Thank you all for the help and support. I will explain a little more what I am working on doing. Cause all of you have different input. Phase I: Gather all the names of maps and basic info. By basic I mean the number of towns/cities, number of traders, and crossroads. Phase II: Enter this info into a database so I can remove duplicates. Gather more information about the basics gathered before. By this I mean what are the locations of the towns/cities, traders, and crossroads. This will take some time. Phase III: Gather more information about the map itself. What biomes are available. What is the primary dominant biome. Is there lots of water? This one is one of the hardest ones to get info about. I am doing this one last cause I am going to require some help on this from the community. So for this reason I am starting to build a community that I communicate with and trust. This is my channel. But I will need people to help pass this info, but I can't check and verify it all. I need people I can trust. Hope that makes sense. This is a big project and will take some time. But I am breaking it apart to things I can deliver out to the community and hope to give people some help finding a good map. I even have a Phase IV if I can really figure out, how to do it. This phase is to get an image of the maps. I don't know how to do this yet. So this is an unknown and may never happen. Please, if you have a seed or feedback let me know. You can reach out to me here, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or even PSN. These can be found in my profile here. Thank you Pepsigirl78. I see the duplicate and will update. -Krow
  10. I have bigger plans with this list. But in my work towards the bigger plan I thought I would try to help put some information out there for others. Again, this is just the first step of a much bigger project. SEEDS mentioned thus far: - RedMountain (4 towns, large lakes, good sized biomes) - InsaneHCA14 (2 cities, 8 towns, Mine, Cometary, 1 crossroad) - Roasted (1 town) - The Wasteland (7 towns) - Not Jeff - winning (Lots of water, 2 towns) - Girl Talk (1 four way) - Zombie - Navezgane - crackpot20 (10 towns, 2 cities) - WnJ (10 towns, 2 cities, 5 crossroads, 11 traders) - Epsilon (2 cities, couple towns, at least 1 crossroad) - fubar (2 cities, 2 crossroads) - Snowglobe (snow biome very scarce) - EverQuest (9 towns, 2 cities, 4 crossroads) - omega123 (1 city) - cabininthewoods (more islands than anything) - fart - 2nd Attempt (lots of towns, 1 city) - Nipopolis - summerof1986 - 99WAYSTODIE (6 towns, 1 city, few crossroads) - GamingBuds420 (2 cities, 11 towns, 3 crossroads) - AllOurDestiny (13 towns, 3 cities) - Raven (1 city, 6 towns, 2 crossroads) - RandomGenMP (1 city) - Goat4521Cheese (12 towns, 2 cities, 3 traders) - INe3dHe4LiNg - redrum1978 - chittychitty (6 towns, 2 cities) - Chris (2 cities) - Ps4secondtry (lots of cliffs) - ryzqmqm (cluster of towns near center city) - MyWorld (1 city, 2 towns) - Castelvania (1 city) - Zeds Playground (1 city) - Update11 (1 city, 1 town) - version116 (1 city, crossroad) - Rayah (3 cities) - E635SE (7 cities, 7 crossroads) - what (1 city, 8 towns, 7 traders) - Valencia (11 town, 1 city, 11 traders) - StarvationFan (9 towns, 2 hubs, 8 traders) - BeQuickOrBeDead (12 towns, 1 city, 6 traders, 3 crossroads) - AnthonyWright380 (3 trader, 5 towns, 1 city) - SMV (4 towns, 1 city, 1 trader, 2 crossroads) - Roobie (2 cities, 2 towns) - TheWallow (1 city, 1 town) - TownsGalore (3 towns, 1 city) - Fright (1 city, 1 town) - Wolfspine (multiple traders) - AnthonyWright___ (9 towns, 2 cities) Underscores are to reflect 3 spaces - FullerSeed (7 towns, 1 city) - SpankoHome (2 cities, 6 towns, 2 traders I plan on expanding on these, but here is what I have taken as notes thus far. Thanks everyone who has mentioned their experience with these seeds. -Krow
  11. I will keep throwing my info out there. Always willing to play. I try to pass along any tips, tricks and info I can, as I typically learn something new from playing with others. I have been playing for a while. Since version 1.11 but didn't really participate and get into the details until 1.13. Info: PSN = MrKrow69 Mic = Yes, I do have a family so sometimes I do mute it as to not annoy Location = United States, mountain time zone (-7 GMT) Personal = Male, I am older. So no squeaky voice. I ask that you be a mature player too. I will say, I do stream at times too. Sometimes depends on who is in. So if you don't want me to stream just let me know. -Krow
  12. Add me, always willing to play. Well when not working.
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