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  1. Server For Starvation We run ours with Ping perfect. Runs fine and prices are great. I have had both GTX and Logic servers in the past and both were very bad and overpriced with poor customer service.
  2. Thank You Thanks to Magoli & Guppy both for the response. Will start working on mine this weekend & I will get some pics from my friend of his castle.
  3. Submitting POI To Compo Pack What are the steps to submit a POI for consideration? What files need to be submitted? About to work on a couple based on locations from the Rise series. Also, a friend made an awesome castle they'd like to submit, but they didn't put loot crates & such in it. Would it even qualify? Btw, love the Compo Pack! Adds so much more interest & life to the game!
  4. One Last Question I have tried setting the probability to 0 for each of them, & I have also tried just completely deleting them, but either way, the game won't load afterward. Any suggestion? Thanks!
  5. Just WHat I Needed To Know Thanks so much! That is exactly what I was wondering. I should have been more specific with my original question, but you nailed it. Thanks so much!
  6. I have a quick question. I love Starvation just as it is, but I want to install another copy on my machine. I want to keep everything just as is with the exception of wanting to do away with enemy animals. I am doing this for a couple of younger kids who want to play. I figure leave in the zeds, food spoilage, taming, etc... but cut them a break by removing enemy animals. Anyone know a quick, easy way to do that?
  7. Hi, all! First, let me say I love the compo pack! Won't play without it anymore. Lol. I have run into a bit of a snag though. I Have it installed on A16, but I also still have a copy of A15 & have version 24 installed on it. I am about to do a series to show off some of the old compo pack POIs, plus I like playing some of the POIs that aren't available anymore. The problem is there are two that will not spawn no matter what I do. The Medic/Hospital Hub & the Resident Evil Mansion. Any suggestions on what I can do? I have edited all files associated with those POIs, including the ones i
  8. Was looking forward to trying this mod, but guess it won't happen. Tried installing manually & thru the mod launcher & all I get is a screen full of errors. Won't even start the game. Gave up after a couple of hours. Saw other on different sites saying they are having the same issue. Any suggestions on what the problem might be?
  9. Is there a way to remove the radiation from the Nuclear Power Plant by Rocky? Thanks for the great POIs. Keeps the game exciting.
  10. I haven't had any problems with the compo pack interfering with any part of Starvation, & I know others who haven't either. I installed it on Starvation A15 & now on Starvation A16 as well & haven't had any problems.
  11. Love, love, love this pack! Keeps the game interesting. I just have a question though, well, maybe a couple questions. If they are stupid questions, I do apologize. I am new to mods & adjusting files. How can I remove some of the prefabs? Also, how can I increase & decrease the amounts of certain prefabs? Thanks so much! Great work!!
  12. Having a blast with the latest version, but that ape is a real pain in the arse! Lol! Thanks for the good time, guys! Great job.
  13. Is there a way to just download the files & install direct to pc like we did with A15? Thanks for all the great work guys! **Never mind. I figured out something that works for me. Again, thanks for all the hard work. Starvation is by far the best mod for 7DTD. Keeps the game fresh & exciting. THANK YOU!!
  14. Can I add this to True Survival or a older version of it to Starvation?
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