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  1. I wish one day we will get those crouch animations as good as in The Long Drive. Seems like next logical step after removing the back bend one.
  2. @madmole Can we get more .prefabs to be attachable to entities like pipes? Can hardly build tanks and stuff with available ones (and you can't use the same prefab twice for some reason, so can't slap wheels on those things). Scale option could be really cool too (yeah this is all vanilla).
  3. Look and learn devs, this is how it is supposed to be done.
  4. I tried, but QA can't follow instructions on multiple occassions. They can't even catch those subtle things: So reporting this would be pointless, unless some real, experienced fps gamer (or exploiter / cheater) is hired by TFP.
  5. Lmao, does this critical game flaw really have to take 4+ years to fix? Wtf?
  6. Devs already read too much of those types of comments so hopefully not. Look how game got dumbed down compared to say a14 [best comparison would be to play a19 and a14 on always run, feral, and high difficulty to see that]. Screen below somewhat proves my point.
  7. screw wrn, this is worse and is still untouched + new drawbridge exploit xD
  8. It's nvidia inspector graphics. On pvp server competition would do anything to outspot/outdps/outclass you in any way possible, so you have to adapt or die. That is why long, long time ago everyone were running with goblin character model too (got patched after our bug report in a18):
  9. Graphics is last thing you worry about when you and your friends are attacked by high level gang and you have to defend what they gathered after fresh start on new server, heh.
  10. It gets lonely when base is not buzzing with all those players 😜
  11. Well, out of 70 ppl in my friends list, pretty much 65 went for it permamently (7 days is only game I bough, back in 2001 when Red Faction came out some of us thought that blowing holes in everything will be a new standard xD ).
  12. Yup, if you could avoid the 24/7 sniper shifts
  13. Cheers, and this will dissapoint you, except shooting positions, 90% of tower is solid steel with tiny craft room and bunch of safes in middle (so is hard to dig down into from the top, and hard to stair up into it if you managed to cut all spikes and dried turrets at base). So nothing fancy inside. Thanks, yeah 7 days is best pvp game (with vanilla balance close to perfection, scales well with dozens of people), too bad people are leaving (due to collision exploits) to play Rust instead.
  14. They were 100% legit, despite reputation
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