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  1. Yeah this caught me out a few times . I don't think I had anything except normal mods but it ate the mods alright.
  2. This might be what happened to my pistol silencer then. I noticed it had gone and I had one I thought I'd looted.....
  3. More a general question not sure if it's just DF - do weapons/tools lose slots as they degrade? For example, a sniper rifle with five slots as it's quality 56 degrades over time to 41 and then it would have say three slots if I just looted it - does that occur or does it keep its base slots at its initial quality? And it does lose slots, what happens to the mods? Thanks
  4. Is there a definitively "best" melee weapon?
  5. Oh really? I never saw them spawn more on Vanilla that I can recall... played a lot too. Thanks for answering. In DF on Day 7 Horde I ended up with loads of them spawning and I died after fleeing my base. I couldn't tell you for sure if they were spawning each other there though but there was a good dozen of them.
  6. Are screamers meant to spawn more screamers?
  7. Sorry I couldn't help Do you want me to see if I can connect if you DM me the info? It might rule out the server at least and narrow it down to client if I can?
  8. Here's the link to the thread when I was having the logging in issue (it started as a FPS issue).
  9. In vanilla I had an issue like this - it turned out a battery bank was turning off and on because there wasn't enough power to keep everything turned on. This was causing dozens of electrical devices to switch on/off super quick. I could log in with my PC - which was the highest spec one - but none of my friends could log in. It would get to 90% loaded and just die. Try logging in and turning power off if you have anything turned on.
  10. Hi, Not sure if this a DF thing or not just wondering really. In vanilla if you queued up a load of items at a bench or forge the logged out (multiplayer, everyone is offline) the items would be done when you next log in assuming enough time has passed. In our DF game my friends and I noticed that the crafting stops. I mean this makes more sense than the vanilla method as it was a bit magic fairy completes crafting whilst you're away type situation, but just wondering if this a DF specific modification? Thanks
  11. Silly question but I just made a forge and it no longer has an inventory of smelted things in it.... is this a recent change? I last saw DF in August and it had an inventory then just wondering if this a recent change : ) Thanks
  12. Hi there is there a way to adjust the transparency of the toolbelt to make it a bit more opaque? I'm partially sighted and it's a bit hard for me, not impossible, just a little tricky
  13. Saw something odd - my mate walked through a door that he'd knocked down on his client but on mine it was still there & locked. I couldn't walk through it and I had to knock it down for me, on his screen it looked like I was hitting nothing
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