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  1. Greetings, I'm playing A19 EXP right now, and for the first time I have directly compared the vanilla RWG with NitroGen maps. (Before, I just played NitroGen maps right away. :P) Now, what I have noticed is NitroGen does a very good job at creating the wilderness and landscape look, but somehow seems to fall short creating towns and cities. Towns and cities look way more natural with the vanilla RWG, though I can't really put my finger on it why that is. It might be due to the road or grid generation in NitroGen. Cities / towns somehow look much better integrated into the landscape with the vanilla RWG. Is there a way to mimic this in NitroGen when generating a map somehow? Certain settings to look out for? I tried the various city grid and road settings, but the results are always the same: Cities / towns keep their 'unnatural' look, while the landscape / wilderness looks great.
  2. Did you delete / reset your game profile via the launcher? Myself, I went straight from A17 to A18, and I had the weirdest issues myself, such as server chunks not loading while I was riding a vehicle. After a long search, I could rule out anything network-related and eventually found by chance I didn't reset my game / player profile before playing again (as is recommended by the devs). After actually resetting the profile and re-creating my player, everything has been fine again. Maybe that'll solve your issues as well.
  3. The first value is the POI's orientation ("face north"), meaning you can put in values ranging from 0-3 at your leisure. The POI will or should spawn with its "front" in that direction (north, east, south, west). At this point, I can't tell you which number is for which direction, though, as I can't recall it at the moment. I read somewhere in this thread that Damocles made some changes to that mechanism, though. I don't know if that matters. "y-offset" means the POI's height. You could, theoretically, also insert values at your leisure here, ranging from negative values to positive ones, but each POI should look / looks best when at its set default height. This means a POI was created (by an FP employee / a modder) with a certain default height in mind. And boy, finding out that correct default height can be a pain in the lower back. When I create my lists or update them (https://github.com/NickPhaedra/7-Days-to-Die-NitroGen-Prefab-Lists/tree/Prefablists), I always cross-check each and every POI in the editor against its correct height or what seems to be the correct height to me (together with other values). The height value itself is in theory given in the POI's respective XML file, but this can be totally wrong when spawning it in NitroGen (although lately, most of the time the values actually check out to be alright when I cross-check them). The x, y and z values describe the POI's dimensions in space (how "big" it will be when it spawns). I'd use the default values here (meaning the ones given in the POI's respective XML file; you can also check the default dimensions by loading the POI into the editor -> x,y,z values). Hope this answered your question. Merry Christmas, and Cheers
  4. I hope Khaine follows the same example (hehe).
  5. Hi Damocles, I've just seen in the Darkness Falls thread that you mentioned that POIs can detect biomes to spawn in now. Is it now possible to alter the prefab lists somehow to make POIs spawn in specific biomes?
  6. Added new prefab lists for Alpha 18 (stable) and Magoli's Compo-Pack 40. As usual, the link to the GitHub repository can be found on this thread's first page. Cheers all
  7. You can find prefab lists for War of the Walkers in the according GitHub repository (link is on this thread's main page), as I created some a few weeks ago.
  8. Greetings, Editing the heightmaps etc. is not my forté, as I have never done it myself. You might wanna take a look at Guppycur's info in this thread and his YouTube channel instead; I believe he delved into that. Edit: There's even a height map generator, for which warmer posted a link just a page before this one in this thread, if that helps you out.
  9. Update note: Added new prefab lists for Ravenhearst 5.5.3 with an updated structure. As usual, the link to the GitHub repository is on this thread's first page.
  10. I could be wrong, but I don't think that's dependant on NitroGen, but more on the DF MOD itself. For example, when you create a NitroGen map with the DF POIs, certain DF POIs (the special bunkers, e.g.) will only really appear while playing Darkness Falls, not in other MODs or the vanilla version, even when using the very same NitroGen map, from what I've seen. So if your question really is if it works, then I'd say yes. NitroGen would not create extra biomes for special MOD POIs by itself (at least not yet), as far as I know, and I'd say the condition you mention is linked to the POIs themselves (in conjunction with the MOD), not to the map.
  11. Not that I have seen so far. I've played on maps using various MOD prefabs, lots of them at the same time. The only thing happening to me was a few (very few) prefabs having some small issues themselves. Nothing really game-breaking, though. E.g., some prefabs weren't adjusted correctly by the MOD makers themselves, meaning sometimes you see dirt "gaps" in front of an entrance etc., but it's quite rare and usually remedied by a MOD update when the prefabs themselves have been worked on. Even rarer are some errors I can't even put my finger on, where the console suddenly pops up with some error message in-game while looking at a prefab, but that's like, I can't really say, maybe 1 in 2000 times or something, if it happens at all. Also seems to be prefab-related only. And even that's nothing game-breaking, as I usually just close the console and restart the game, then it's gone. A memory issue of sorts, maybe. The map itself, I dare say, works flawlessly everytime. (Playing on NitroGen maps for ~200-300 hours now.)
  12. WotW lists are up now; as usual, you can find the GitHub link on this thread's first entry near the bottom.
  13. k ... just a heads-up concerning that WotW request: I took a look and found it's not that much extra work after all, as the MOD thankfully doesn't use that many extraordinary prefabs. The WotW list should be up sometime tomorrow.
  14. Yes, I just updated the lists (check this thread's first page for the link, near the bottom).
  15. Sorry, but I only do lists of MODs that interest me personally, since I don't have that much spare time. I can take a look at War of the Walkers, but I can't promise anything at this point. If it uses POIs from the ComboPack 38 (or what it's called), it should be easy. Apart from that - just saying - you can also create your own lists fairly easily. There are instructions in this thread, or take a look at the ReadMe in the GitHub repository (link is on this thread's first page near the bottom).
  16. Reworked instructions for setting up a dedicated server using a NitroGen Map Greetings once again, I felt that the provided information on the 'How to set up a dedicated server with a NitroGen map' subject was a little too stretched out, so I took all relevant instructions by Damocles, zootal and Alloc and put them together in an updated form. Also included it in the GitHub's prefab repository ReadMe (see this thread's first page), new section 0, to whom it may concern: Instructions for setting up a dedicated server with a NitroGen map: 1. After creating your NitroGen map, you need to transfer the map to your server. It's convenient to use a packer, e.g. 7-Zip (https://www.7-zip.org/), for this. (You'd also need a packing program on your server to unpack the file again after the transfer, of course.) This way, you only need to transfer one big file, not many small ones. The default folder location for a NitroGen-generated map is: NitroGen_WorldGenerator\output\NitroGenMap Before packing the folder contents into one big file, you can delete the map preview files from the folder (copy them someplace else before, if you need them): genHM.png poiHM.png previewMap.png These files are rather large and would add to the total map size to be transferred, as well as forcing all clients connecting to your 7 Days to Die server later to download them as well, therefore delaying the actual first gameplay for the clients. For the actual file transfer, you need an appropriate access / program for your server (Remote Desktop Connection, PuTTY, whatever). I won't go into too many details here, as there are many instructions to be found on the Internet and elsewhere on how to do this. (For example, quite convenient is Remote Desktop Connection with copy & paste, if you have a Windows operating system and sufficient rights on your (Windows) server.) 2. Next, unpack the transferred file in an appropriate location for 7 Days to Die to find it. For this, you have the following options; either: - put it under the game's regular UserDataFolder (e.g. %APPDATA%/7DaysToDie/GeneratedWorlds/NitroGenMap on Windows). - put it in the save game's own folder (e.g. %APPDATA%/7DaysToDie/SaveGames/NitroGenMap/MySavegame/World, assuming you use Windows and the default SaveGameFolder). - put it in a MOD folder (recommended; e.g. <7 Days to Die root folder>/Mods/NitroGen_Maps/Worlds/NitroGenMap_001). - put it in the game's own Worlds folder (not recommended, as this is the most likely place to lose your worlds on updates or similar; e.g. <7 Days to Die root folder>/Data/Worlds/NitroGenMap). Another option is to define / override the game's UserDataFolder location by setting it yourself in the game's serverconfig.xml file: <property name="UserDataFolder" value="/<folder of your choice>" /> This, however, is not really necessary and mainly serves a preferred personal taste for this folder's location. (Similar to changing the game's SaveGameFolder location: <property name="SaveGameFolder" value="/<folder of your choice>" />, which can be done, but is not needed to make a NitroGen map work on a dedicated server.) 3. Within the serverconfig.xml file, located in your 7 Days to Die root folder, define the GameWorld config value, so that it maches the exact name of your generated NitroGen map. Regular GameWorld values would be Navezgane (for a standard Navezgane map) and RWG (for a randomly generated world). A NitroGen map is an additional / different map type with its own name, which is defined when you create a map in the NitroGen generator. The game doesn't know about that name, so you must insert it yourself to make it actually use the NitroGen map in-game. Example: Your NitroGen map folder is called My_NitroGenMap_001. Insert / change this line in your serverconfig.xml file: <property name="GameWorld" value="My_NitroGenMap_001"/> Now you should be good to go. Run the 7 Days to Die server, and let your clients connect. 4. Additional information: The values WorldGenSeed and WorldGenSize within the serverconfig.xml are only relevant for the game's own random world generator, meaning if the GameWorld value is set to RWG. They do nothing for a NitroGen map. I hope all of this is correct now.^^ If not, shout. Many thanks to Alloc, zootal and Damocles once again. Cheers
  17. And this is why I never use "pure" game server providers. I'd go crazy, and it just wouldn't meet my needs. @Eddenbaum: Nun, zootal *empfiehlt* halt nur in seinem Beitrag, UserDataFolder und SaveGameFolder zusammenzulegen. Das habe ich nicht 100% korrekt übersetzt, auch, weil ich nicht wusste, ob es so sein *muss*. Ich hatte es bei mir gemacht, und es funktioniert. Hinzu kommt, dass ich NitroGen für viele MOD-Karten (Ravenhearst, Darkness Falls) nutze und gerne einen gewissen ـberblick behalte, weswegen ich bei mir diese Ordner generell immer selbst definiere und das auch nicht schlecht finde. (Wobei ich halt aus Organisationsgründen auch einen 7 Days to Die-Servermanager verwende, damit ich mir keine Originalwerte zerschieكe und meine Sachen auch wiederfinde.) Alloc hat aber geschrieben, was Du eigentlich nur brauchst, da zootals Infos wohl wirklich etwas zu viel des Guten sind. Grüezi
  18. "We choose to go to the moon ... and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard ..."
  19. Greetings, It's been some time since I logged in the last time; therefore I don't know whether or not your issue has been solved. Anyway, what you are looking for is described in the first post on this thread's first page. (Instructions by zootal.) In German: (Ich duze einfach mal.) Du brauchst solcherlei Zugriff auf den Server, dass Du über eine Fernverbindung (Remote Desktop Connection, PuTTY, was auch immer) Dateien dorthin übertragen kannst. Gportal kenne ich persِnlich nicht, also hoffe ich mal, dass Du entsprechenden Zugriff hast. Für die Serververwaltung kann ich RAT empfehlen https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?38806-7D2D-RAT-Remote-Admin-Tool/. Damit kannst Du auch den Server für NitroGen-Karten konfigurieren. Gibt aber sicherlich auch andere gute Programme, die den gleichen Zweck erfüllen. 1.) In der Datei serverconfig.xml in Deinem 7 Days to Die-Verzeichnis musst Du den "SaveGameFolder" und den "UserDataFolder" definieren, und zwar so, dass beide Werte auf denselben Ordner zeigen (z.B. "/home1/sd/saved_games", wie im Beispiel von zootal beschrieben): <property name="SaveGameFolder" value="/home1/sd/saved_games" /> <property name="UserDataFolder" value="/home1/sd/saved_games" /> Diesen Ordner (den Namen kannst Du selbstverstنndlich frei wنhlen) legst Du an, und *in* diesem Ordner erstellst Du das Verzeichnis "GeneratedWorlds". Mit den oben erwنhnten Verzeichnisnamen als Beispiel sنhe die Verzeichnisstruktur dann so aus: /home1/sd/saved_games/GeneratedWorlds 2.) Jetzt musst Du in der serverconfig.xml noch Werte für die Spielwelt, den Seed, die Weltengrِكe und den Spielenamen (für die Speicherstنnde) eintragen, z.B. diese hier: <property name="GameWorld" value="NitroGenMap"/> <property name="WorldGenSeed" value="NitroGenMap"/> <property name="WorldGenSize" value="4096"/> <property name="GameName" value="Mein_Spiel"/> zootal schreibt, dass er für den Seed und den Weltennamen den gleichen Wert genommen hat, er sich aber nicht sicher ist, ob es unbedingt nِtig ist, dass der Name derselbe ist. Ich selbst habe auch einen eigenen Server aufgesetzt und die gleichen Namen genommen. Damit klappt es auf jeden Fall (schreibt auch zootal). 3.) Jetzt generierst Du mit NitroGen Deine Karte, wobei der Kartenordnername derselbe sein muss, den Du oben in der Config beim Seed und Spielenamen eingetragen hast. Entsprechend muss auch die Kartengrِكe dieselbe sein. 4.) Jetzt packst Du am besten den erstellten NitroGen-Kartenordner im "Output"-Ordner von NitroGen, z.B. mit 7-Zip. So brauchst Du nur eine Datei zu transferieren, was sehr angenehm ist. Auf dem Server brauchst Du dann natürlich auch ein Programm zum Entpacken (7-Zip). Jetzt kopierst Du die gepackte Karte auf Deinen Server und entpackst sie im zuvor erstellten "GeneratedWorlds"-Ordner. Mit den Beispielnamen von oben sنhe die Verzeichnisstruktur dann so aus: /home1/sd/saved_games/GeneratedWorlds/NitroGenMap 5.) Jetzt starte den 7 Days to Die-Server, und er sollte Dir die Server-Karte aus der kopierten NitroGen-Karte generieren. (Bei mir hat's sehr gut geklappt. Alle erwنhnten Einstellungen kannst Du z.B. auch mit RAT vornehmen.) Dann kannst Du Dich mit dem 7DTD-Server verbinden. Viel Erfolg!
  20. New prefab lists created / posted for Ravenhearst 5.4 and Alpha 17.4 in general. Changed the repository structure a bit and refurbished the ReadMe, so it can be properly read now. On a side note, I've also noticed that the former "Array Index Out Of Range" issues with Ravenhearst and also some Darkness Falls issues I had have gone by using the latest NitroGen version(s). Tested this with NitroGen 0.352. (See this thread's main page for the links to the repository, as usual.) Cheers
  21. @GaleKast: The prefablist generator is made for extracting the POI information. To make such a list work in NitroGen, you have to add the respective POI NitroGen zone data, as mentioned by Damocles. Thanks for the heads-up with Ravenhearst; I'll update the lists for the new version when I have the time.
  22. @Damocles: I know this has been brought up a few times already, but are you planning to include some biome logic for future builds? Maybe the biome logic in a way that the current spawn logic is kept; only when a biome-specific value is added that a POI spawns in that biome only, e.g. like this: army_camp_01,industrial,2,-3,53,22,57,alone;mountain -----> this would cause the POI to be able to spawn in every biome, like it is now (and additionally only "alone" and "on mountains", as before) army_camp_01,industrial,2,-3,53,22,57,alone;mountain;desert -----> this would cause the POI to only spawn in a desert biome (and additionally only "alone" and "on mountains", as before) army_camp_01,industrial,2,-3,53,22,57,alone;mountain;desert;forest -----> this would cause the POI to only spawn in a desert and in a forest biome (and additionally only "alone" and "on mountains", as before) Apart from the biomes, are you still planning to include bridges / bridge logic at some point in the future? Just asking; thank you for all your work so far once more.
  23. I can confirm that zootal's instructions work. Actually, I'm playing on a dedicated server of mine using a NitroGen map. For convenience, RAT is nice, for example; have a look here: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?40902-Server-Managers In RAT, you can set the needed information in the UI and write your serverconfig.xml into the game folder conveniently afterwards. If you do not have full control over your dedicated server, setting up a NitroGen map might pose a problem. (I don't know gameservers.com myself.)
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