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  1. Why is it with each update, we take a few steps forward, but for some reason we also always have to take some steps back gameplay wise... guess now upgrading of blocks has to take a few steps back... I really don't understand why time has to spend on changing things for something that works, instead of using that time for adding new things or improving existing stuff.
  2. That stats are random within their lvl is fine, great even. That does encourage you to check the stats if it has the same lvl. I had lots of times finding the same lvl tool or weapon and checking the stats. A number of times the stats of the new item were better and I switched them. But when I find a higher lvl tool or weapon, it should ALWAYS be at least 1 point better in the stats then the max stat of the lower lvl one. Because what now? Do I need to spam craft steel shovels in the hopes of making a better one? Wasn't spamcrafting removed from A15 -> A1
  3. Damn... I so very very hate how this game uses the stats for tools and weapons... Got a lvl 4 steel shovel and with mods it does 249 dmg... so yes that's 1 short for the top soil, so I have to use 2 swings at it... I want to redo the garden around my base and I don't want to double the work (swings), I put it off until I find a better shovel or can make one. Finally... on day 53 I find the steel tools schematics... I can make lvl 5 steels tools... (btw... got 8 traders that I see regulary... not their inventory or the quest rewards ever gave me this or the bet
  4. Probably a known bug, but... I had a few fetch & fetch/clear quests. Done 2 of them so I had 2 white river supplies items in my inventory. Came to the POI for the 3rd quest and accepted it. It went straight to complete without me even entering the POI. Now I have 3 completed quests but only 2 supplies.
  5. You didn't sound rude, it's sounds more like you didn't understand what I said. I think a higher lvl item should always have higher or at least the same lvl of dmg then a lower lvl. And I can't remember having this with A18. If it was the same as now, then I didn't notice it or never had this happen. Since it happened now for me, I 'ask' about it now.
  6. I like that finding the same tools etc. can have different specs. What I don't understand is, how a lvl 1 wrench can have better specs then a lvl 2 one (except for durability). The specs of a certain lvl has to be between 2 values, but they shouldn't be worse then the lvl below it, or higher then the lvl above it. As an example, if you find a lvl 1 wrench, let's say the block damage can be between 30 and 40. If you would find a lvl 2, the block damage shouldn't be able to be lower then 40.
  7. Don't know if this common or not... but with the introduction of the circle for digging, I expect the buried supplies to be in the circle... not outside of it?
  8. Wow... So because it works at your game and the way you play it... it can't be a problem/bug needing to be fixed?... sjeesh...
  9. Is this really how RWG works in A19?... like some weird island of forest and the other biomes in a circle around it? Always? And it seems that in alot of the RWG maps there seems to be little to no spawning of real cities etc. in the other biomes. So, there is no real need to go to any of the other biomes. They have really taken weird steps in RGW... sad to see it...
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