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  1. Probably a known bug, but... I had a few fetch & fetch/clear quests. Done 2 of them so I had 2 white river supplies items in my inventory. Came to the POI for the 3rd quest and accepted it. It went straight to complete without me even entering the POI. Now I have 3 completed quests but only 2 supplies.
  2. You didn't sound rude, it's sounds more like you didn't understand what I said. I think a higher lvl item should always have higher or at least the same lvl of dmg then a lower lvl. And I can't remember having this with A18. If it was the same as now, then I didn't notice it or never had this happen. Since it happened now for me, I 'ask' about it now.
  3. I like that finding the same tools etc. can have different specs. What I don't understand is, how a lvl 1 wrench can have better specs then a lvl 2 one (except for durability). The specs of a certain lvl has to be between 2 values, but they shouldn't be worse then the lvl below it, or higher then the lvl above it. As an example, if you find a lvl 1 wrench, let's say the block damage can be between 30 and 40. If you would find a lvl 2, the block damage shouldn't be able to be lower then 40.
  4. Don't know if this common or not... but with the introduction of the circle for digging, I expect the buried supplies to be in the circle... not outside of it?
  5. Wow... So because it works at your game and the way you play it... it can't be a problem/bug needing to be fixed?... sjeesh...
  6. Is this really how RWG works in A19?... like some weird island of forest and the other biomes in a circle around it? Always? And it seems that in alot of the RWG maps there seems to be little to no spawning of real cities etc. in the other biomes. So, there is no real need to go to any of the other biomes. They have really taken weird steps in RGW... sad to see it...
  7. I never understood why we couldn't make even the simplest decorative blocks... but we can make jeeps, auto turrets and other electric stuff. If the block is already in the game, why not add a recipe for it. In a previous Alpha I added some stuff with a recipe. Also, why aren't you allowed to make every blockshape with every material. Why is there restriction in that. Make it more fun for us builders Pimps!
  8. I have the exact same problem. Wanted to place a farm plot but wasn't allowed. Finally for some reason after alot of trying I was able to place it, but now I can't put a seed on it... Since this is in the backyard of the house I use as my base, can it be a zombie spawn place?
  9. Is he still doing stuff online somewhere? His last YT video is from over 2 years ago. I watched him years ago... then forgot about him for a bit and when I checked again, I noticed he didn't post a video for a while... and seems like still not.
  10. Can there be something changed how landclaimblocks work in a sologame? I can understand why it works like it does in MP games, but in solo it's just annoying. When you have multiple places and/or a base bigger then the bounderies, and you want to move stuff around, you need to keep moving the landclaimblock.
  11. If you find a book you already read... can you read it again by mistake or will you get a message that you already know it? Especially in MP I would prefer to get a message and being prevented to read it, so I can give it to others. I don't want to look up each book to and see if I know it or not.
  12. I know you said you made the recipes up, but does this mean for each tier higher, you also need different materials to make it? So, brown can be made with scrap iron and higher ones need steel? Because now each tier uses the same materials to make and only because of your perklevel, it changes the tierlevel. Btw... I would like it if this would be the case.
  13. Probably asked and answered before but... can guns have a melee action? Don't care for it to hit zombies with it, but more for it to hit the paintings to see if anything is behind it. Now I need to change to my club or something to hit it each time and change back to the gun. Especially when you are a higher lvl and have feral zombies in the poi's you need to have your gun ready. Also, I always found it strange when I shoot a zombie with an arrow or gun, they sometimes take a sort of step forward towards you. You would expect that they take a step back or at least stay where they are, not coming even faster at you then when you wouldn't have shot them.
  14. U can kick all u want, I don't mind. Do alot myself, just to get a reaction sometimes. But like I said before, haven't really started any basebuilding, so I didn't know the mixer also changed it's function. Oh well... just have to accept that with each step forward in one area... we take one back in another (in my eyes ofc...)
  15. Well, from the concrete mixer... the most you use it for is... well... concrete... so u turn it on... do other stuff and when you come back, it has made a bunch of concrete mix... With the tablesaw it's very different... maybe u need 1 piece of a shape... and 5 of another... and 10.... and etc... so to run each time to the tablesaw for each shape, because u didn't know u needed a certain one... is annoying at best... But as I can't see many (if any) persons agreeing with me... I guess I'm one of few that see this as a problem.
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