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  1. Steam name: rofler63 Hours played: 3526 Started on Alpha: 13 Discord name: ghostlynx Native language: english Operating system : Windows 10 Home 64-bit
  2. Great mod and am having a blast. Only issue so far is it is Day 9 and haven't found a single battery in wrenching cars. Plenty of engines, wheels, headlights, acid, gas and all the usual (oil, mechanical parts, iron.. etc). Unlucky or is there an alternative in this mod I am unaware of?
  3. This looks amazing! Great job. Definitely going to give this a go.
  4. A Hostess truck! Now Tallahassee can finally get some Twinkies.
  5. Does a lootable pallet have mouseover text to indicate it is lootable? Since installing the mod I have seen and chopped up numerous pallets but none seem to have anything or indicate they are a container. I did not start a new save after adding it to Mods folder.
  6. The wrench has thrown a monkey.. well you know.. in my progress Hey all, Loving the mod, started a new game after I magic levelled from cooking before that patch fix. Anyhoo.. its Day 15, progress is going great except for one thing. I can't find a wrench. I have looted the entirety of a 50-60 poi city and numerous cars, zombies and random poi's. I have found a crowbar so can dismantle cars. But... can't make that advanced workbench without a wrench. The trader doesn't have one (have checked every cycle and have level 2 secret stash). Any changes to wrench drop in 2.2 for balance or such? Didn't seem to have this issue in the previous builds. Perhaps I am just very unlucky, but all the places I usually have found wrenches are coming up dry. It doesn't explicitly say in the wrench recipe, but I assume it is crafted in the advanced workbench? I know I have tried the regular workbench and can't craft it there or in my backpack. Thanks!
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