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  1. Love the new forums. Its so sharp. Much much better from what it was like a month or two ago when initially changed from old theme. Hopefully it stays like this cause im digging it.
  2. Edit I did what you said and these errors popped up in console. https://imgur.com/LT33PwG
  3. Ah okay nice thanks so much!
  4. I'm assuming all custom vehicle mods like these are only client side.
  5. Any way to use these without the buffs? Id love to use these on my server without any of the custom buffs.
  6. Csmm is a great manager. Plenty of features and easy to use. Cata constantly updates it too. Highly recommended 5 Stars!
  7. Copendub

    True Survival

    is there any xml editing you can do so followers follow you after being recruited until they die?
  8. Copendub

    Server Tools

    this may have been answered already and if it has i apologize but i have the admin chat color and prefix all set up. but how do i put a player in a category?
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