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  1. In Steam, right click 7 Days / properties / betas tab - select NONE - Opt out of all beta programs. Game will update to latest stable version Note 14.4 is no longer available via steam so if you want to keep it would pay you to make a backup
  2. Steam name: Damit Hours played: 7300 + 1600 on second account Started on Alpha: 6 Discord name: Damit#4359 Native language: English Community involvement: Two years OZ/NZ Rawhope Server, prefab builds, world maintenance and admin
  3. The dump truck is an admin build but pretty sure the only creative block in it is the sand. We dont have any custom blocks. You are welcome to logon and have a quick look around. Type /locations and teleport around the truck is at /quarry. No one on server at the moment, cannot imagine why
  4. This is the added magic of experimental, we get to do just that. We are going to try a claim size value="101" and see how it goes, players do seem to want to build life size replicas of the Taj Mahal.
  5. No custom recipes, just some stuff from creative sold via vending machine or gifted as prizes for players who won server events
  6. Many servers do not allow players to claim POIs, and it takes server admin seconds to clear miss placed claims.
  7. Looks like you will be walking faster in a17e, but I agree nothing beats those first few days of trying to survive Once I hit the ‘nothing can touch me now’ level it is off to building and more building. Mass producing concrete, land claims etc. Gardens and paths, terraforming desert and wasteland into green pastures and tunnels, love tunnels. Could really do with a railway handcar Is Dead is Dead going to be a game setting option in a17?
  8. Sorry deathless, miss-read your post, my deleted comment not applicable
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