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  1. Well, ctrl f Zombie results in 105 matches, none of which look like they control the threshold for drawing that waypoint after most of the enemies are dead. Any other ideas?
  2. Currently when you are reaching the end of a Clear quest, and you're ~95% finished clearing, a yellow waypoint will show up on the compass as well as in your view to show you where that last pesky cluster of zombies is hiding. The change I'd like to make is lowering that threshold, say 70-80%. My friends and I have been over factory_lg_01 looking for that last zombie closet so many times we want to die. I thought for sure I could just change nav_object from the quests.xml (sleeper_volume, maybe?) but so far I'm completely unable to find any code defining exactly what zombie clear threshold to wait for before giving the player the mercy waypoint. Can anyone help me find where to go to make this change? Thank you much for your help.
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