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  1. Hello, I just redownloaded the 7d2d mod launcher, went to A19 and downloaded War3zuk for A 19. I installed and pre-synced and then when it loaded, it said i was on A18.4 instead of A19.  When I go to my steam and start 7 days it shows A19. not sure what i am doing wrong.

    1. dinnerdude


      I did a complete delete and it fixed the issue with it coming up as A18, but now the server we are on is taking +20 minutes to load, some of us cannot get on. It was working great until the A19.169 update!


    2. War3zuk


      Yeah thats cos every Update breaks the mod, Just updated it so grab the new files..

    3. clifford123


      @War3zuk How do I update the mod? I'm using the launcher.

      By the way, great mod. I love the customizations. 

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