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  1. Sorry my bad english! One question. Where is the pregen map is this modpack? Where the download link? Discord server? Or other link this pre build map? If i generate nitro map gen software, the unique biomes is correct gen, or trying the rwg?
  2. Oh yes, if put any skill point the upgrade my food and water, not upper. Example: 63 food and 110 water. Why? The skill is say: upgrade the level 110 food and water. No debuff. Trying god mode, push the q button, again q buttom off the god mode, and nothi g happen. 63 food and 110 water. I have die 1 time for 5 days. When die, lowered the food level?
  3. Why implemented forge tools because not using. Blowing stu ff not put the small forge. The desc. say put the forge and speed up. Not correct this item description? Lot of dokumentation is missing.
  4. Dear master modder. Sorry my idiot question, but please how to find the correct change log this 2.4 update with a18? All mod using, all working stuff, etc. I mean NPC mods how implemented? The npc is hire finghting, or this feature not included? The trader is destroyable or not, the vehicle modlet included? I love the vehicle modlet with helicopter, sport car, military truck. The arrow is not pickable, why? You know what i mean. The changelog what implemented or not implemented this version.
  5. I have download this mod with launcher. After finish, close and open the launcher, download mod manually again. The launcher download ALL files the modpack folder TEMP folder. This folder all files and folders copy the correct game folders, and not problem. Sorry bad english. Sorry. This method always working , all modpacks with launcher.
  6. I use the bigger backpack 60 slot, not otger hud. And this hud. Works fine!
  7. Thanks the answere. Try it disabled te streaming function. 32gb memory and 1060 6gb hope not explosion 😀
  8. Sorry my bad english. The using hdhq main pack and boime pack and flower pack. My game rock, boxes (opened with clawhammer) textures is ugly. Blur and the picture on side is not showing because very blur. Any tips this issue? Hdhq pack is not support this awsone pack? Not problem, delete the hdhq pack, because this modpack is awsome!
  9. Plasma rifle? Why? This is sci-fi game?
  10. Please make the bat's repair. Found the aluminium bat, 1 level, but not repairable... Please...
  11. Oh yes, this is my pain. This problem is installing the tree, i use only 4k texture...
  12. Sorry, this is not my problem. I lot of modpack making minecraft private. This is not problem, this is noob problem :-)
  13. often I do not copy files properly. Copy and paste it into a folder many times, and extract from it (manual mode). Starvation, TrueSurvival, Valmod, WarOfTheWalkers. They all downloaded to me but they did not do anything. C drive to the 7d2d folder always make me a copy of the launcher. Sorry bad english, i'm hungarian, and use google translate!
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