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  1. Oh now I remember, I bought this game because it used to be called 7 Days to Starve => end sarcasm.
  2. I went back to a previous save where I had this bug in the base I was building and found digging a one block radius did not work. Try placing wood frames around the invisible block 3 high and then remove the bottom rows so that you have frames that seem to be suspended in mid air. Now you have to clear at least a two block radius all around the invisible tree making sure there are no supportive blocks. If you succeed the wood frames collapse and the tree is gone. Keep in mind trees have support for several blocks vertically so if you have built around it you may have to remove blocks higer up or even above. Hope that helps somewhat.
  3. Yes, this is one way of dealing with this bug. It's an invisible tree without collision, so digging under and around any tree will cause it to fall. This frees up the occupied space. I have confirmed this works in my current game. This bug has been fixed but not sure if it has been implemented in a patch yet.
  4. If you find the invisible trees you can get rid of them by digging the ground under and around them. You won't hear or see anything happen but the tree falls and you are free to place blocks again. Worked for me at least.
  5. In regards to performance, I get at least the same FPS as 17.4 which is an average 60. I see a few dips into the high 40's outdoors but the game play is still smooth. I'm only rocking a GTX 970 which has 3GB of physical VRAM. The majority of my setting are on ultra at 1080p, the same settings I used in Alpha 17. I have not done a clean install since January 2016 and have not updated my video drivers in months. I don't know what the cause of some people's performance drops are but it may be more than just a hardware issue especially those with higher specs. 5820k 32GB RAM EVO SSD GTX 970
  6. So let me get this straight, zombies outside the POI that hone in on you from hundreds of yards away and then maze their way through several floors of a dungeon to get to you all the while you are stealth enough to not disturb a zombie standing next to you is natural. What!? I'm mean really WTF? No one else has a problem with such a mechanic. Sure if you fire a gun of or make other load noises fine, but you might as well take stealth out of the game if this should be desired in the game. I find it utterly annoying to clear all zombie spawns outside a POI to then have triggered zombie spawns unleashed upon you from outside with the sole purpose of smashing through the walls to get to my exact location that the zombies inside the POI are unaware of. This is absolute bullocks and should be fixed or designed better not made more obtuse. I mean I guess the twang of my bow while in stealth should be loud enough to wake the neighbourhood for that total sense of immersion. Why would I ever want to play the game a different way. Silly me, I must enjoy the boredom of it.
  7. My bad, did not read ahead to see Madmole address it. I always thought your first language was mathematics?
  8. I guess the solution is obvious then, TFP hire you and the game is finished in a day because of course your the best AAA developer with 100's of published games and nobody else has a clue what they are doing. This is what it sounds like anyway.
  9. I Totally agree with this statement. A17 makes me want to play 7days so any improvements/enhancements is the icing on the cake.
  10. Obviously he meant new to the game. Anyway, he stated on twitter that he was in the unity editor which probably accounted for the fire rate issue seen in the video.
  11. If I may interject here. I find that when you have solar panels hooked up to battery banks and 22:00 rolls around, the solar panels will show the same electrical draw as the battery banks they are connected to. Most of the time the solar panels are not actually powered on when it shows that they are, but it does seem like the odd time they may be creating a double circuit or something which leads to major performance issues like micro stutter and slow motion delay in-game. Like even though I may see a drop from 60 fps down to 30 fps, it feels like the game is running at 5 to 10 fps. I have hundreds of electrical connections and devices around my base without any performance issues until this anomaly happens. I have experienced it the last couple of alphas but thought it was a known issue. The short term fix has been to immediately cycle the solar panels off and back on to clear the problem. Not sure if there may be more to it or not though. If there is a way to ensure solar panels power cycle automatically that may help. In about 100 hrs of play in my current 17.2 game I have experienced this issue maybe 4 times so replicating it will not be easy. Works out to be about 7% of game nights for me. Hoping maybe this will help narrow it down for you or at least one issue related to electricity.
  12. I honestly don't have the foggiest idea what some of you are talking about when it comes to the game's performance. I have had nothing but increases across the board from a16 to a17. Still using the system that I built over 3 years ago with only a GTX 970. I have increased my settings to almost max 1080p, except maybe reflected shadows or something, and maintain 60 fps g-synced on a consistent bases including horde night. I only play single player now so I can not say how the game performs on a server which is where I expect most complaints probably originate. I've adapted alpha 17 with a couple tweaks for my play style and I am loving every minute I get to play it. Sorry for those who refuse to try and enjoy what they have and instead cry about what once was.
  13. This forum has become the most depressing place on the internet with so much crying and whining about an Alpha that clearly needs and will be tweaked over the coming weeks. As some will proclaim, they've had it with TFP and will cease playing or go give a pathetic review on steam. I will do the opposite and cease reading the forum for a while because it seems hardly anything productive is truly accomplished here. I for one am glad to see Alpha 16 gone as it was my second least played alpha since Alpha 13. Why do we need to go back to it? Alpha 16 bored me to tears. Everyone plays this game their own way, I truly doubt you can find some one who plays exactly the way you do. So, this is what makes balancing so tricky. How do you make a game play for player A and not ruin the experience for player B - Z? How does whining the developer into the ground to make your way of playing the priority help the process. I disagree with a lot of what is being posted here lately, but at least those that do it constructively and describe the reasons why they don't like some of the changes can be something that helps development and further discussion. Anyway, I'm just frustrated with the tone lately and I'm just venting. As I wait for the next couple of patches and see how things get ironed out, I will continue to play Alpha 17 with creative mode enabled. This way I can explore and understand the new mechanics that I have found both refreshing and a step in the direction I would like to see this game continue down. Being called a fanboy and all, I do respect other players passion and wish to have the game play more in their direction, but the direction of the vocal minority isn't necessary the best for the overall experience of the game. I have enjoyed the journey to this point with a lot of great memories of alphas past, but the look, feel and potential of this latest version has me excited for the future. Give the developers a little time to hash out their vision of the game before you get on your war wagons and try to burn the place to the ground, please and thank you.
  14. No need to be disrespectful calling things "stupid". Anyway, if you weren't to busy have a fit you would realize the purpose of killing zombies is for xp. It is that simple. There are many other ways to acquire loot. It has already been mentioned that zombies will leave some loot behind just not as much as before.
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