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  1. HARDCORE CLASS BOOK in Worktable I tried to search the webs and found nothing about that book. So i just want to be absolutely sure what it does... It says "you start with nothing ... and more difficult than others" So, does this mean It is just a blank book, no class quest or skill and such? Or, is there an added difficulty to the normal games class system? ===== UPADTE --- never mind it seem that the workbench allows me to turn the class book into any of the classes and HARDCORE is just one of the choices.... it just threw me off since it was in the workbench and not just from reading the class book
  2. So I know you wanted to have this Horse 2.0 be from a new RWG but i have a server and just want to spawn the POI in the game... I can not find it on the POI prefab list... what is the POI called? I have Searched for Maybell, Horse, Stable but nothing shows. Hoping you can help as I really do not want to spawn a new World just for this mod to work.
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