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  1. I disagree with the Zed looting on every body; the dead bodies would decay and cause ugly pock marks the the ground. With the new system; If the Zed have loot, they drop a loot bag.
  2. RWG - Suggestions Large BIOME Generation: I would love to see LARGE Burnt Forest, Deserts, Forest, Wasteland, Snow, City - Metropolis areas. I know Most people would agree that having these Small or even Micro BIOME just look ugly and often make striped or long scares of random ground in the world; many of us would like large BIOME for building Metropolis: While I like having Towns and Villages, I would really love to see a MAJOR City area. I do not expect it to look like a modern city planning with Low/High Population Livings areas or Industrial and Commercial districts but something that is equal to 3 or 4 cities from the normal RWG would be a welcome option.
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