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  1. Just release version 1.0.1. Available at: https://7dtdmodsdesktop.com/download.php Wow impressed with new forum style!!! GJ The Fun Piimps!!! Added new built-in modding for money stack size Added new built-in modding to relax tier IV/V clear zombies to 25/50 zombies only. Quest Generator -> Added "Preview" to saved currently selected profile content to see the generated modlet content. Quest Generator ->Enhanced items and zombies combos to show translated name instead of id and be more user friendly. Quest Generator ->Added option to remove all vanilla challenges. Help
  2. @sphereii thanks for your feedback. I was able to fix some opening issues. Version v1.0.0.4 is working. Same link as usual to download: https://7dtdmodsdesktop.com/download.php
  3. I uploaded v1.0.0.2 with output logs and decreasing the virtual machine requirement to run down to 1.6.0. I hope it works this time. Same link: https://7dtdmodsdesktop.com/download.php I'm willing to get the tool running on other computers than mine =)
  4. I applied the fix. Please download, try again and let me know. I'll also read issues in this tracker (github account needed): https://github.com/Turbero/7DTD-Mods-Desktop/issues
  5. It seems it cannot find your game installation. I simulated your case and it is true when that happens the tool doesn't open but it should give the chance of selecting it manually. Give me 1 hour and I'll solve this. Thanks for raising this, kdjac.
  6. It is recommendable to execute in a folder without admin permissions needed. For example at your desktop, C:\Users\<youruser>\Desktop.
  7. Jesus Christ!!! I had the github repository as "private" lol. Now the link works =) Thanks for the message. @sphereii link on the first post or in the website My deepest apologies to everyone!!
  8. Hello everyone. I'd like to go live with a new open-source tool for modders that I created and I hope everyone interested can use for his/her benefit. Background (skip if you want, not mandatory to read) 7 Days to Die is a game whose possibilities to be modded have always fascinated me. With the incorporation of XPATH in Alpha 17 this passion exploded inside players and modders. In that moment I was a player with 1000 played hours that started to experiment and create "innocent" mods. But I noticed something was missing. My real job is IT oriented and I thought why I couldn't have
  9. Trial and Error always leads you to an unexpected success This is happening already. I just managed after trial and error. 1) Create the file Config\Localization.txt under your modlet folder 2) THIS LINE MUST GO FIRST: 3) Add your entries with at least key,Source,Context,Changes and English translate You can find examples for all the values in the vanilla Localization.txt file (i.e. Changes = newKey always) Example:
  10. Sounds like a perfect time to release version 1.0 and start releasing 1.0.x/1.x onwards.
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