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  1. ewww... yeah I much prefer @JaxTeller718 version. I hope he knows a way to hide the TFP or merge his feature into theirs. yeah...totally agree boys....fix one thing break 3 other things as usual
  2. Gday Khaine mate. Does your Backpack Buttons modlet still work since the b177 update? I've been using Jax's version but its no longer working properly since the latest update
  3. Hi there. Can anybody tell me where to get plutonium and uranium. Are they only in the radiated biome which we cant find. Or will find them under the wasteland?
  4. Thanks mate Hey mate. I'm adding the files to my server. Once they are all added should I change the seed to create a fresh world??
  5. Do we copy and paste into the mods folder? Does this need to be done on both server and client?
  6. Hey Jax. When you update your modlets, do we have to delete the ones we are using and download them again to our server? Cheers mate. Love ya work.
  7. Put it in your toolbelt and use the left mouse button to read it. Are you sure you have not read them already. Check the schematic list Or its possible they are level gated
  8. Hi there. Can anybody tell how i can access the DONA Official Ravenhearst Server?
  9. Hi all. Im having trouble on my server with the suitcase. After placing on the ground and opening it is empty. A few of us have managed to get it working after resetting character and waiting until prompted before placing and opening. However this fix is not working for others. Any ideas.
  10. Thanks mate. Can you elaborate a bit. Does it have to be a lake, or can it be a pool, or even player placed water. Also how many blocks away from the water can you plant seeds, and can they still be planted in the block next to another seed? Cheers.
  11. Day 21 for me. 900+ kills with 2 deaths. I do agree, it is very difficult at the start, but it gets easier as it goes along. And loving the wandering hordes....wow, they are dangerous again.
  12. hi. Just a question about farming. When i place a seed it destroys any seed that is next to it. Is this deliberate or is it a known bug?
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