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  1. Hi, I have 2.4 and 18.2 for some reason the launcher isn't downloading it properly. Took 4 reinstalls through the 7dtd launcher before it worked.
  2. Having an Issue, Installed the mod, game loads to menu screen and has darkness falls logo, but the menu buttons are greyed out. Any ideas? Regards Minty.
  3. I'm wondering if there is a way to have a placeable clock since the watch can be a little annoying to know what time it is in game.
  4. Would it be possible for this to be added to the 7dtd launcher. It's a great mod.
  5. Thanks, Trying it through the launcher this time.
  6. I'm having an issue, I just downloaded the client file, but when i load the game. I'm getting - Warning Biome Image contains an unknown color. The game won't load once this pops up.
  7. I'm having an Issue. Installed on the server it works fine, But all the Icons are blank. Does anyone know how i can fix this. Thanks.
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